Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tomorrow, the 20th the Stagliano clan is taping a segment for Good Morning America NOW - which is the third hour of GMA that appears only on the ABC NEWS NOW cable channel.

The segment is on the costs of autism as it relates to tax time. I am busy embroidering Mark's resume onto a fine white shirt.....

I'll let you know when it airs and provide a link if I can. The station link is

Oh, and this the man who is interviewing us. Cameron Matheson. Uh huh.

(ARGH!!!!! I just bought the kids pretty embroidered jeans and a ruffled cardigan from Lands End at Sears and THE IDIOT SALESWOMAN DIDN'T REMOVE ONE OF THE SECURITY TAGS!!!! Damn it! Now I have to shlep BACK to Sears at the Mall 11 miles away and get home before Mia's bus at 2:30. WHY CAN'T ANYONE DO THEIR JOB PROPERLY?)


Tanya said...

oh that would make me mad. You deserve a discount. Did it not beep on the way out?

Good luck tomorrow morning.

Polly Kahl said...

I just spent about 45 unnecessary minutes talking with the phone company, and I think you answered your own question.
The key word is idiot.
(Mind you, we don't allow words like stupid and idiot in our home, but at moments like this I occasionally allow myself to be politically incorrect.)

Amanda said...

I would go for a full refund for time and inconvenience.

Good luck for tomorrow!

M. G. Tarquini said...

That's really exciting! I don't think we get that channel though. :(

RJeff said...

Yeah, the monitor probably beeped on your way out, but it does that every stinking time - kind of like the fable of the boy who cried wolf". So we tend to edit the sound out of our collective minds.

You can take those things off yourself, with a reciprocating saw and a third hand (a vise sometimes works just as well :-]) Or you could just ask Winona Ryder (Oh, now that was uncalled for!).

Can you somehow get a copy of the interview on an mpg and link it to the blog? I'm sure we'd all like to see it, and not too many of us have access to that special channel.

Break a leg!

Amanda said...

YAY!! Blog it! Go on, you know you want to! Then I can see if you match your voice in my head - I could be confused again, Maic doesn't match her voice...