Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A new friend wrote this poem and sent it to me. Enjoy!

Love all those like Reily who have healed and emerged

Love all those full soul children with voices unheard

Love all those who speak with a computerized a voice

Love all those who love by choice
Love all those who speak with language that's signed

Love who feel a little left behind

Love all the mothers like Kim, Michelle, and the mothers like you

May they and their children find joy and acceptance too

Love those like mine with her own language as she sings

Love those who feel life's little dings

Love those autistics who do not want a cure and who do

May life's gifts be given to youLove all those who have difficulty sleeping at night

May the morning shine on them with beams so bright

Love all like Seth who show their siblings fun

Love everyone, love everyone


Amanda said...

I come to this blog at times of need of "a moment" and this being one of those "moments" following half a bottle of washing up liquid over amongst other things the bath mat and a wet bed(duvet the lot) that poem may just have saved a young life!

Thanks for reminding me I wouldn't really be without her, just some times.....

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you liked poem

It just came as inspiration

I have been playing with it after I wrote it for Kim and Michelle. I have been personalizing the poem and you can ad your name to it too :-)


Michelle O'Neil said...

so sweet isn't it?

thank you Valerie.