Monday, March 24, 2014

FREE Autism Telesummit with Temple Grandin, Julie Matthews, Kim Stagliano & 12 Other Experts

FREE Telesummit!

I hope you will consider logging  into this fantastic telesummit featuring 15 experts including  Soma Mukhopadhyay of HALO - the Rapid Prompt method (featured in a beautiful parent report story on AofA) Temple Grandin, Julie Matthews, of Nourishing Hope, yours truly and just look at the list above!   Tackle diet, behavior, communication, medical treatment, alternative treatments and so much more! It's FREE and available for 48 hours if you can't listen LIVE - plus you can purchase the teleseminar after the fact if you would like. 

Register for the FREE Telesummit with Kim Stagliano
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Brain food telesummit!


This Telesummit is for you if you know that more is possible for your child but need some encouragement and solid info to figure out HOW to help your child make the next leap in his or her development.

Imagine your child…
  • Having a healthy digestive system and improved immunity.
  • Experiencing more physical comfort in his/her everyday life.
  • Overcoming his/her challenging eating habits.
  • Having fewer episodes of hitting/biting/head banging and temper tantrums.
  • Breaking through communication barriers so s/he can more fully understand and be understood.
  • Deepening his relationship with you, family members and peers.
  • Fully engaging in games with you and his/her peers.
Plus, imagine knowing how to best take care of YOU so you can be most effective in helping your child and experience more energy and joy in your life.

Click here to view more details and to register for this FREE virtual event.  Once you click this link you will be brought directly to the registration page so you can 'meet' the panel of experts and save your spot. Make sure that you don't miss out on this value-packed event by registering today!

I hope you will join me in the "Autism Empowerment Telesummit-2014"  so you can discover the key to unlocking your child's potential,

P.S. Do you know anyone who could benefit from the knowledge and tools that will be shared in the  "Autism Empowerment Telesummit-2014"?  Please Register for the FREE Telesummit with Kim Stagliano so we can reach as many families as possible!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Shito Ryu Karate Test

My dear friend Maria and I tested last week. I can hardly believe the change in fitness, strength, flexibility, hand eye coordination, endurance, power and speed we have gained from training. And security. Self made. Hard work. Discipline. Osu.

Happy Mardi Gras!!

A childhood memory in my own kitchen.