Thursday, March 20, 2008

The taping went well. Bella was a little fussy so Mark had to leave with her after the brief break. The piece is mostly about tax time and deductions - we were the family, the expert was a special needs attorney. I think we brought out some good questions - and I learned that anyone can write a check to a medical provider for up to $12,000 without it counting toward your income. So grandma could pay for your DAN! doc, for instance. That's interesting.

I'll let you know when it airs - perhaps Tuesday is what we hear. And I'll have a link.



Laura said...

I'm about to go hunt it down on! Oops, read, Laura, it's not there yet. Glad things went well, apart from some fussiness! I'll have to send my MIL an anonymous tip about that tax-free doctor thing...and my stepmother! :0 Yes, post that link when you get it! I don't have no fancy-schmancy cable!

Amanda said...

Looking forward to seeing the TV moment. VERY impressed with the whole Lands End thing - that's amazing!