Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

That's my GFCF Easter cake for the girls. My Mom bought me a cake pan from Williams Sonoma last year - it makes the bunny and two beautiful Faberge style eggs! I love baking. And with the girls' diet it's pretty much a necessity if you want holiday treats. So, here it is!

The sugar egg is a holiday staple here. My Mom always bought for us one as kids and they amazed me with the little scene inside.

I also have two Italian favorite items in my fridge - Ricotta pie (sweet) and Pizzagaina - which is a savory ricotta pie with ham in it. Fattening? Madonn' are they fattening! But they are EASTER, at least to me. I've made them from scratch in the past when I've had company. This year we live near a fabulous Italian grocery store (Poricelli's) and all the holiday favorites are in stock and ready to go! One of the blessings of being back in the NorthEast - although in Cleveland I learned about and came to enjoy many Eastern Euro treats.

Now, the Easter Bunny had better get her act together for our egg and basket hunt tomorrow! Perugina makes these dark chocolate (milk free) tall eggs with a toy inside. The girls get one each year. Their baskets have toys, books and such. Not much in the way of candy.

Happy Easter!


Manic Mom said...

When do we get to see YOUR TV debut???

Have a Hoppin' Easter Stag-familiano!!!!

xoxox Steph

Petra said...

Adorable, adorable, ADORABLE!!

I'm tryin' to get my behind in gear to make some chocolate treats for my of course I waited too long to order some goodies.

Ah well.. I still have some HUGE chocolate lolly pops left over from Xmas, so if push comes to shove.. My guys are not going to care that it's not in an egg shape, as long as it's chocolate!

Have a blessed Easter.

~Miss Nelson said...

That's awesome! Happy easter to your family!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Happy Easter K-Stag!

bonbon momma said...

Happy Easter, the cake looks amazing!
When we were little we would all go to my grandma rosie's house to make endless amounts of rice pies, and meat pies. Deeeelish! I miss those rice pies a lot.

ahvarahn said...

Happy Easter Kim, Mark and the girls.

be lucky,

Amanda said...

WOW! That's some cake!

How do I get an invite for next year?? Your fridge sounds scrumptious!!


Kim Stagliano said...

Oh BonBon, come to CT! Poricelli's has rice pies, wheat pies and the meat pies, plus the basic "Rigott." I had a slice of the Rigott last night - and it's excellent - no flavoring (some people use fruit extracts) no candied fruit (keep that stuff out of my cannoli's too!) and not overly sweet. Aaaah, I smell breakfast! The girls will get their supplement loaded GFCF waffle sandwiches and Mommy will eat pie!

Happy Easter Everyone!

K-Stag? LOL! I suppose HipHop is appropriate for the season! Stalingo? LOLOLOL!!!

13 said...

"The sugar egg is a holiday staple here"

I've never been able to figure out which came first...the sugar chicken or the sugar egg? It's very confusing.

Kim Stagliano said...

Hi, 13!! Maybe we should ask CANE and Abel? LOL!

Drama Mama said...


I had the savory Italian Pie today.

We call it "Italian Easter Pie," around here. Creative, eh?

Do you do yours with pancetta?

Happy E-Day!

PS. That's some good bunny action.

Kim Stagliano said...

Hey, Drama - my grandmother called it Pizza-ghana - I think it's spelled Pizzagaina. We use ham - pancetta is also lovely. Oh look! It's time for breakfast! Get me that knife and slice me a piece!


GFCF Mommy said...

Wow! I am so impressed with your cooking skills! Looking forward to watching the GMA show too.

Tanya said...

That cake is so pretty. How do you get it to stand up on end like that?

Kim Stagliano said...

It's the pan! And that's only HALF a rabbit - the other half is in the freezer. You can use frosting to mold the two together to make a fully 3D rabbit. It's a NordicWare pan from Williams Sonoma.

Anonymous said...

Hey there - can I ask, what do you use for the frosting to be GF? We haven't gone full GF with my autistic son, but his friends are. Thanks!

Kim Stagliano said...

Can you do corn? For frosting I use Spectrum non-hydrogenated shortening, powdered sugar (there's your corn) and either DariFree or Trader Joe's Rice Milk. I used real lemon juice for flavor. You could add cocoa powder, or strawberry juice too. I buy the cheapie disposable pastry bags for piping and such. Sometimes with the buny cake just a dusting of powdered sugar works just as well - I went whole, er hog/rabbit, for the holiday. I'm not always so Ace of Cakes! LOLOL!!! Welcome to my blog!