Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And The Poets Down there don't Write Nothing at All..... Oh, but how Bruce Springsteen does!

In a bout of perfect timing usually far out of my grasp, last night Mark and I went to see Bruce Springsteen (yes, again) at the Nassau Coliseum. No, don't get all excited for us - not the warm, beachy Nassau - the Long Island, NY Nassau. As in, "On your left is JKF, on your right is traffic and another large mall."

I won't bore you with Bruce details - either you know and love his music or you don't. If you do? "HE OPENED WITH NIGHT AND PLAYED INCIDENT ON 57th STREET AND JUNGLELAND!" OK, caps off, I promise not to yell anymore.

Here are some photographic obervations from the evening. I'm no John Robison - his photos are taken with amazing Nikon'ish cameras. I used a Palm Treo.

Champions at The Marriott next to the Coliseum. We thought we'd grab dinner. So did 15,000 others. We got beers. Mark and I met at Champions in Boston in 1989. (insert "aawwww" here.)

This is Mark in line for beer #2. Harp for me. I am quarter Irish you know.

Me and "Stalingo" as he is known to telemarketers and certain close friends. Thank God for hazy shots!

These bear a strong resemblance to the people my husband used to work for, although I can not be certain it is they, therefore I am not disparaging them.

This is inside Nassau Coliseum, home of the New York Islanders. When Bruce sang, "The Rangers had a homecoming in Harlem late last night..." everyone booed. That banner has Billy Joel's name on it.


Amy said...

I thought "they" looked familiar. So glad you had fun!

Kimberly Dell'Isola said...

It is not possible to bore one with details of Bruce. I want every drop of sweat described to me. If I can't join you in body at least I can in mind.
By the way us Irish girls (quarter or half counts) have hollow legs. We must, of course, have extra to compensate.

Laura said...

I really want a beer now. Yep, I'm some sort of Irish mongrel. I have freckles and a Americanized Irish maiden name (Hagan - drop the O' from the beginning, and welcome to America!)

I, too, thought those patooties looked familiar. And the manure, as well -- been reading lots of that in the latest CYA editorials on vaccines.

Amanda said...

Well it looks like you two had a well deserved trip to Escapetown-on-sea and you made the ost of it. Good for you!

Me and Hot-hubby are off on a hot kid free date next Thursday...EIGHT SLEEPS AND COUNTING!!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Stop the presses!

"Autism mom of three gets out for a night on the town!"

Now there's "man bites dog" headline!

Glad you could forget about your worries and wave your hands with all the little pretties for a while.

RJeff said...

When you said they loked like the people Mark used to work for, did you mean the equines, or the pile of spoo?

Kim Stagliano said...

rjeff, I can't tell you until the last severance check clears. Which is FAR too soon, the cheap bastards.....

RJeff said...

Not to make light of your situation, but I was in his position about 9 years ago, and I know firsthand that it sucks. the company treated us OK (maybe even better than OK) but it's different when you shut down a division.

I hope he is networking like a maniac, calling in favors and generally bugging the hell out of al the headhunters he can call until he gets his foot in the door. Good Luck! I landed on my feet; so will he.