Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I have teeth on my mind. See that photo? That's Miss Jiggy G holding one of her teeth about two weeks ago. Yesterday she had Mark pull out TWO MORE!!!!! She can not tolerate the feeling of a wiggly tooth. Ever. (Hey, Manic Mom! Whaddya think of that! LOL!)

Think about taking your child, especially a child with autism, to the dentist. Did a cold sweat just break out on your forehead? Cleanings are difficult, let alone major dental work! Listen to this story about how the world presents you with good things:

I met Dr. Bob Porper in January, at an autism event here in Connecticut. When I explained I have children on the spectrum, he reached into his sportcoat pocket and pulled out a crazy looking, two headed toothbrush. My eyes popped out of my head! My father is a retired orthodontist. "Open. Bite. Close." was common dinner table talk when I was a kid.

My girls now use the Twinbrush. It's pretty cool! And I get to pretend I'm the Two Headed Monster from Sesame Street every time they brush!

Even better? Dr. Porper is generously donating 5% back to the autism community!
Here are a few words from him.

Hello, my name is Dr. Robert Porper. I am a retired Oral Surgeon. In my practice, I specialized in the treating of special care patients, including those with autism. And I understand fully the challenges you face bringing your child to the dentist for care.

Dental disease is the most prevalent disease in the world. Over 98% of us have some form of it. The best treatment is, of course, prevention. With your children in mind, I designed a line of products and started a company called to making brushing more effective and easier. The Twinbrush has been clinically tested at a major dental school. Remember, "The mouth is the gateway to good health." I look forward to communicating with you and as the past Surgeon General of the United States wrote in an article a number of years ago that "You do not have good health unless you have good oral health."Let's begin our journey!

In good health,

Dr. Robert Porper

Dr. Porper is offering us a 10% discount! And he is giving 5% back to the autism community for research. Go to When you check out, use coupon code "ageofautism" (lower case, no spaces) to save 10%! You'll see your savings before you hit send for the final order.


Amanda said...

Took our girls to one special needs dentist to be told not a lot of point lookin afer them now as it all goes to hell in a hand cart when they get to adult services anyway. Well thatnks for your support!! We moved.

Demon Hunter said...

This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing this, Kim. I'll share this with some of client's families. They'll be glad to know it! :*)

Amanda said...

Forgot to say - we have tried these brushes and they're great! Maybe a bit big for a little mouth tho' that's my only problem.

Also, have to say, yet another great photo kim! What were we saying about that modelling agency?

Manic Mom said...

Oh, now I see it!

I CAN handle the wiggly teeth! It's DIVA who can't... uh... wait a minute... maybe it is I who cannot handle it... she seems to have NO problem keeping them in her mouth for MONTHS at a time! LOL!

Kim Stagliano said...

I knew you'd like that. My kid yanks her own teeth. Or has her Dad do it. God bless her! LOL!!

Polly Kahl said...

How totally cool is that!

Niksmom said...

how did i miss this??? awesome. i'm going to check it out!

M. G. Tarquini said...

I'm ordering these for me and the kids. You wouldn't believe the horrorshow last week's dental visit was for the girl.

RJeff said...

Gads, this brings back memories (unpleasant, I assure you). The days of physically restraining my son in order to get an X-ray made me weep - thankfully those days are gone. His teeth are just great and he actually enjoys going to the dentist ... well not so much "enjoys" but "tolerates" is more like it. Tolerate - that's a word I can live with.

And now for orthodontia. In the words of Sam Beckett: Oh, boy ...

Laura said...

Those are cool brushes! Have to get some for the boys. Cute picture, too!

Hutton pulled his own teeth (well, the two that came out so far). He just kept wiggling them until they were out as he couldn't handle them being loose. Now the two that came in are all serrated looking. Great, serrated permanent teeth! We've gotta go for a teeth-cleaning at the dentist anyway...He's OK at the dentist. I'm the one they probably don't like, when I insist on no Xrays or flouride crap.

Kimberly Dell'Isola said...

Wish I could find good dental care up here in the boons! The last dentist we had threw our family out of his practice because my daughter wasn't able to handle her appointments consistently. I explained the disability and had spoken to the office every time a problem arose but to no avail. I am still searching for a new doc who takes my insurance. Good luck to me!

Petra said...

OMG! That brush is genius!!! I'm gonna get me two!! (and yes, I too break out in cold sweat at the thought of taking Z to the dentist.. )

By the way, Ms. G looks absolutely WONDERFUL in that picture!! Good job!!

Hugs to the whole gang (and off I go now.. need to take Potatey to school, and then headlong into another crazy work day..)

Michelle O'Neil said...

I will definately have to check this out. We have been to the dentist all of once. It was a fricking hellish nightmare. Seth was fine, went first, but seeing her freak gave him a nice phobia too.

I still brush both their teeth for them. Fear of a cavity outweighs my desire to have them do it themselves just yet.

Another thing that is important, but we just need to wait a bit on that. Bigger fish to fry.