Saturday, September 29, 2007

Little Word. Big Gift.

This is Bella. My beautiful seven year old Bella. On Thursday she got off the bus and looked at me and said, "Muuuummmmm" for the first time with real intent. My daughter greeted me by name.

We have begun a new protocol with additional diet changes and supplement additions. And within a week Bella came out with a usable word.

I don't usually go into the biomed autism world in this blog. I try to keep the topic general so as to amuse you, my dear readers. But I will say this, if you know a child with autism, please buy Jenny McCarthy's book, "Louder Than Words" and give it to the Mom and Dad. It's not hocus pocus. And there aren't more than a handful of pediatricians in the country who will let you in on the secret: "Autism is treatable."

"Muuuummmm." What more do you need to know?

Friday, September 28, 2007

BRUUUUUUUCE! All Bruce 24/7 on Sirius 10!
When I write I wear headphones and crank up Sirius Satellite Radio. Usually channel 22, First Wave. Or 75, Siriusly Sinatra. The music helps me concentrate on my writing believe it or not.

To promote Bruce's new tour with the E Street Band, Sirius is airing all Bruce on Channel 10. Right now I'm listening to New York City Serenade and I have goose bumps. Bruce for me means parties, and fun and goofing off in my high school dorm room with my best friends and making out in parked cars and sipping wine from bottles with screw tops and weaving through Hanover NH on a frigid night and lying on the beach in East Orleans and driving in my little red Jetta to Castle Hill in Newport and now - holding Mark's hand through a concert.

Hearing songs that energize me and remind of fun times from my "yout" help me to get creative and feel the joy I need to write fiction. I love writing fiction, I adore my story and my characters. So I need to be "up" to write. I feel like the mood I'm in when I write flavors my storytelling ability as much as shaking salt into a stewpot.
Funny, my best non-fic autism writing usually stems from anger as my motivation. When I say, "What the F*ck" I know I have a good piece about to hit the page/screen.
(OOOH! Badlands just came on!)

On October 18 Mark and I are going to Madison Square Garden to see Bruce. Our wedding anniversary is on the 19th. What a perfect gift!

Back to my revisions and the Badlands of autism.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Recovery from Autism? Piece of Cake.

That is a thoroughly misleading headline. I know because I wrote it. But I need to tie two events together and it's early so that's the best I can do.

1) Jenny McCarthy is promoting her book "Louder Than Words" and being allowed to her story of how she is in the process of recovering her son from autism via biomedical interventions and a shitload of money. Yes, it requires about $75,000 a year to adequately treat a child newly diagnosed with autism to cover the RIGHT kind of doctors and the external therapies, which are also critical. I believe Jenny said she spent $2,250 PER WEEK just on ABA therapy. Which, like most treatments for autism, is OUT OF POCKET. She is talking about the travesty of injecting 30 - 48 vaccines into a child before age 7 in a "one size fits all" fashion. I'm not going to get too nutty about it here - but do pop over Rescue Post to learn more. There's also plenty of info about the jabberwocky report from CDC on mercury in vaccines. (PS) That flu vaccine your doc wants to give your Granny and your sonny has 25 mcg of mercury in it. Just be aware and decide for yourself if the risk of dying of flu is higher than the risk of mainlining a known neurotoxin.

And (bless you if you've stuck with me this far)

John Robison had his signing in CT last night. He did a great job solo. I was presented a challenge by "The Muse" who told John I was going to bring cake to him. WHAT? I am? I thought about it for a bit and said, "Why not?" I brought him a large spice cake the first time I met him. Somehow I just thought he must like cake. As you know from his blog, John has a particular love for a certain mechanical object. So here's the cake I made for him.
I'm heading in the tunnel of revisions today. It's a book day. Adieu!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Heeeeere's John (right) and Augusten!

Last night John Elder Robison's guaranteed to be #1 non-fiction best seller, Look Me In The Eye, debuted in New York. He spoke to a standing room only crowd at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square. He read three passages from his book and his banter with younger brother Augusten Burroughs was nothing short of brilliant. We could have been watching a performance at Carnegie Hall. That's how polished these two men were on stage.

John commands the attention of an older brother. Augusten was the perfect foil for John's dry wit. The audience cheered and laughed throughout the reading. And then stood for an ovation. Barbara Fischkin was there with her husband and twenty year old son with autism Dan (and his amazing caregiver Anthony.) John gave them a nod of appreciation.

After the reading John took questions. Another Aspergian man asked if John felt he would be seen as a freak, and if his book could harm the Aspergers community. With a resounding "NO" John pointed out that his story is one of acceptance, understanding and extolling the strengths of people with autism. He told the crowd that he does not feel he needs a cure. And no one could disagree. He also mentioned that there are children much more severely affected with autism - acknowledging that treatment is important for that population.

It was a gloriously successful evening. I'm so happy for John, who is kind, thoughtful, to the point (oh yes) and absolutely Aspergian.

I met several blog buddies. Hello to The Muse, Polly Kahl, Irene, Melissa and if I've forgotten anyone please chime in on the comments! And Rainmom! I forgot Rainmom who had to wipe the tears from her eyes all evening. I was close to weepy myself.


Sunday, September 23, 2007


Look Me In The Eye is on PEREZ!

Are you a fan of
Perez Hilton? I click there several times a day. Guilty pleasure. And who's there tonight? JOHN ROBISON! No, it' s not a photo of John with Britney. He's on the sidebar, not in the photo section. I'd read on his blog that he was on Perez. But seeing it was still a surprise. A great one! The book debuts on Tuesday. I'll be in NYC for his signing with his brother Augusten. My Mom is coming in from Massachusetts to attend with Mark and me. She read John's book and enjoyed it too.

Oh, here! If you haven't seen this on his blog, you can click the video below to meet John for yourself. Then buy that book so he can get himself a giant International Harvester Combine or something equally "farmalicious" for his property. I think that would make him happy.

Now Serving: Politics, Parasites and Pate.

The hell with it, I'm blogging! Instead of not blogging and being highly productive on my book I was fretting over not blogging and being highly productive on my book. So I'm pulling on my big girl panties and telling myself that I can blog, AND work on my book AND all the other things I have to do. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

OK - (aah, that feels good!) So I had a very cool Saturday. You may or may not know that I edit an autism blogsite called The Rescue Post. Within six weeks it is going to have a new name and the addition of a well known journalist I shall call "J-man" as managing editor. I had a meeting in Massachusetts yesterday to discuss the changes with J-man and PT, another well known name in the autism world. My husband and I met J-man, PT and his wife AG for dinner at a great restaurant in Newton called Ariadne.

If you had been sitting at the banquette next to us you'd have heard us talking about politics, the guys talking baseball (and checking their TREO's for scores, much to my chagrin) placing one order for a pate appetizer and then AG and me talking about treatments for parasites. That's where you might have said, "Check please!" We all laughed at how nice it was to be able to speak the language of autism without having to translate. Some of the conversation got a little graphic, there was much poop talk and of course, the worm chat.

If you and I ever have dinner together I suggest you order that empty doggie bag early on in the meal. You might need to keep it on your lap, just in case of "conversational turbulence."

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

FYI, I am NOT blogging. I am creating publicity. (I know, I know. I'm weak.)

Come on over to Huffington Post and give a girl a comment, won't you. This is a follow up piece to "The Crappy Life of the Autism Mom" that I titled, "The Crapisode. Part Doo."

I miss you! I really miss you!

I'm leaving now.

I'm not typing any longer.



Sunday, September 16, 2007

All blog and no write makes Kim unpublished. All blog and no write makes Kim unpublished. All blog and no write makes Kim unpublished. All blog and no write makes Kim unpublished. All blog and no write makes Kim unpublished. All blog and no write makes Kim unpublished. All blog and no write makes Kim unpublished. All blog and no write makes Kim unpublished.
Get the point? I love you all dearly. I must get to my revisions. See you when I emerge from my writing. I must do this. It's either this or start popping Ritalin like Certs. I need to concentrate on my book. See you soon.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy 7th Birthday to my Bella!
Mark and went into her first grade class where I read Leo The Late Bloomer a wonderful book about a little Tiger with delays. Then we ate bug cakes! The kids studied insects this week so I made GFCF cakes that looked like bugs (thanks to a fabulous pan from Williams Sonoma.)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Join the "in" crowd and be the FIRST to read 40 WEEKS!

I have a blog buddy who is also an aspiring writer like me. Like I. Like myself. Whatever. She too has a fabulous agent. And I just learned that her book is close to a sale. Really close. Can't tell you how HUGE that is for a debut author.

Stephanie Elliot (one t) has kindly put a taste of her novel onto her blog for your enjoyment!

Steph is VERY funny and goes by the moniker, "Manic Mom." She means it. Three kids. Tons of suburban angst. Chicago chic. So check out a chapter and let her know what you think!

CLICK HERE to zip on over to her place.

Enjoy! And there will be a quiz on Monday. Be prepared.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

L'Shana Tova!
Happy Rosh Hashana! We have the day off tomorrow. Darn I love being back in the North East! Happy New Year to my Jewish friends. Enjoy the holiday.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Downward (to Hell) Dog

Just heard on CNN Headline news. "Why would a Christian want to borrow an exercise from a false religion?" Dr. John MacArthur, on the practice of Yoga. Nice, huh? Someone alert Ghandi he followed a "false religion", won't you?

And here's a quote from Ghandi. "Like the bee gathering honey from the different flowers, the wise person accepts the essence of the different scriptures and sees only the good in all religions."

Draw your own conclusions.
I might go here today.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Steppin' Out, with my baby.

Glorious. Congenial. Warm. Eloquent. Handsome. Fit. And still has that beautiful voice. Tony Bennett. Sigh......

We had a delicious dinner at DelFrisco's. I ogled the Simon and Schuster and McGraw Hill headquarters. Larry King was in the audience at Tony Bennett. And we saw Geraldo Rivera picking up his car in a garage on 48th. Then the kids decided midnight was a fine time to awaken and greet us. Always something! Off to Church.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Swinging Saturday Night!
Tomorrow I get my Mother's Day 2007 gift! Mark bought two tickets to see Tony Bennett at Radio City Music Hall. Dinner in the city followed by one of my favorite singers ever. Tony Bennett? Yes indeedy do. I love swing, standards, classics, big band music and even elevator music. I do. Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Ella, Keely Smith, Lena Horne, The Chairman of the Board (that's Frank) Sammy Davis Jr., Peggy Lee. I listen to them all on Sirius satellite radio. I flip from Howard Stern at 100 to Siriusly Sinatra at 75 to New Wave at 22 all day long. I'm strange aren't I?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Success, one bite at a time.
This is Miss M. I attended a breakfast at her middle school this morning and heard a wonderful story. I shall share it, like any proud mom.

Mia sits with the 7th graders at lunch. I make gluten free bread, raw almond butter and organic jam sandwiches for lunch for Mia and Gianna. I cut Gianna's into quarters. I cut Mia's s into bite sized pieces, as she has a tendancy to cram food in her mouth (a sensory issue.)

Every week I bake the bread, make the sandwiches, wrap them in wax paper (no plastic or aluminum!) and place them into freezer bags. I label the bags, "G's" and "M's" so I know whose is cut properly. I know, you're thinking, "Why don't you just give them two bucks and let them buy lunch like the rest of the world?" Not possible. They eat no wheat and no dairy. And they eat healthy. I don't care how hard the schools are trying to make healthy lunches. A chicken nugget is a chicken nugget. And our elementary school serves "cotton candy" ice cream that is blue and pink!!! Gianna says, "Blue! Chemicals!" That's my girl!

Damn, I'm off topic. So, today before Mia's event at school I was chatting with a senior administrator and others and they said to me, "I noticed Mia's sandwich wasn't cut up yesterday. She broke the quarter into pieces and popped them into her mouth." First, that a senior (I mean THE senior person in the building) noticed Mia at lunch, and what and how she was eating blew me away. I was thrilled. Second, she told me that Mia asked a typical peer to open her organic raw fig and nut bar. (Funny, no one wants to trade lunch with my kids.....) Mia tapped the girl on the shoulder and handed her the bar. PEER INTERACTION! And Mia's paraprofessional this year is a delightful woman whom I know from the elementary school. Mia is going to have a great year.

So, today I am singing the praises of my beautiful Mia. We call her Mini-me as she does resemble a certain older Stagliano woman. But Mia got sprinkled with fairy dust and is a thousand times more beautiful than her Mom. My Mia Noel. Love that girl.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bernard Rimland Center and Angela Moore Jewelry

The Rimland Center named for Bernard Rimland, founder of the Autism Society of America and the Autism Research Institute opens in Lynchburg, Virginia this month.

The center will provide autism treatment, training and networking for families. There will be also be a general pediatric practice so that parents can care for their children's total health under one roof.

Here's an easy and beautiful way to support this new center.

You can purchase the Angela Moore "Autism Awareness Collection" of silver and enamel jewelry, featuring the autism puzzle design, and 15% of the proceeds will go to the center.

You can see the collection and place your order HERE.

Please use consultant number 300400 to ensure The Rimland Center receives their contribution.

Thank you to Angela Moore sales consultant Pam Freedman for her generous offer to the Rimland Center. For more information about the Rimland Center please call Catherine Mosely at 434-528-9075.

Monday, September 03, 2007

What happened to my night?

I was taking the Sunday Times down to the recycling bin at the end of the driveway tonight when a sad thought popped into my mind. I'm never outside during the night any longer. Sound silly? Hear me out. During that 2 minute walk across the front lawn to the driveway I heard a cacophany of crickets, the hum of cars on the Merritt, voices across the street, and the croak croak of frogs. Now that I'm old and grown up and responsible I'm just not outside at night.

When I was 10 and 11 my parents would let us play up the street at the Bedard's house on Pinetree Drive. My pal Annette and her older brothers and the Simmers and the Podells and the Eichins and the Beautings and we Rossi girls played kick the can and jail break until I heard my Dad ring the cow bell attached to our house. "Come home!" When I was 16 and 17 the night provided cover for slipping away with boys and kissing and drinking. The dark was our friend. At 21 and 22, out of college, working, free, the night meant rowing out to islands off East Orleans with Meg and our friends for bonfires. At 27 and 28 and 29 night meant late dinners out with Mark.

And now? Night means glorious bed time. The exhaustion of the day is over. A few peaceful moments when I am not writing, not caring for children, not cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, shopping. The day to day chores of life. I'm out briefly, dashing to the car after dinner out to get back home to the babysitter. Closing doors and windows. Locking out the sounds of night. Replacing them with the hum of the AC and the whir of a ceiling fan.

I miss the night. I must get out into the night. Maybe I'll take out the neighbor's recycling next?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bcummer. The eagle has been grounded.

From the Boston News about my alma mater. If you're paying rent why shouldn't you be able to have a party in your home whether you're 21 and serving rot gut or 51 and serving Chateau Le Pepe le Peu le XV? We had some great parties on Egremont Road. Today's kids have a lot of cool technology, but a lot more rules and consequences too.

"Boston College cracks down on off-campus parties

Boston College is cracking down on rowdy, off-campus parties with a little help from the Boston Police Department. Boston College police will be alongside BPD officers three nights a week patrolling the area around BC, where many students live. BC students used to just face campus disciplinary hearings for partaking in off-campus parties, but now they face arrests. District 14-Brighton, where BC is located, also has a new police captain, Genevieve King, who encourages officers to arrest students behaving inappropriately. Boston College is notifying its students of the new zero-tolerance policy this week, as classes are scheduled to resume next week."

LOOK ME IN THE EYE. "It's Soup!"

Do you recall the old Lipton Soup advertisement? Lipton is a powdered, dried out soup you add water to and then boil for a bit so that the 4,231 chemicals in it soften up and resemble broth and noodles. The ad campaign featured antsy kids asking, "Mom! Is it soup yet?" "Not yet." And then the final payoff, "It's soup!"

Well, LOOK ME IN THE EYE is soup! And probably tastier and more nourishing that that packet of dreck called Lipton chicken noodle soup.

Here's the hardcover. WOWEE! I don't mean to boast (as I puff out my chest to its full 1/2 " dimension) but I have a manuscript copy of LMITE. Plain old computer paper. Very cool. And I have an Advance Reader Copy (ARC.) But I dearly want a hardcover.

I'll be at John's signing in NYC at the flagship Barnes & Noble in Union Square (NYC) on 9/25! I took out a small loan so I can pay a babysitter for 7 hours. I can't wait to meet Augusten Burroughs, John's brother, and to just celebrate John's acheivement in this book. I'll also be at the signing on the 26th at RJ Julia in Madison Connecticut. Then I'll stop going to signings lest I become a groupie. I've read about groupies in John's book, from his KISS days. I don't think I should become one at my age.

COME TO A SIGNING!!!! NY, CT and then MASS lead the way. Check out the dates at John's SITE .