Friday, April 27, 2007

Tagging Notable Blogs. Blogs that make me think. OK, here goes.

1) Susan Senator. Sue is a writer and also the mom to a child with autism. She's also a killer belly dancer who proves the fabulosity of 40. We have relationship that crosses over many boundries imposed by, well, no one really knows who imposes them, they're just there. Sue and I say "Oh, screw that. Here. you row for a while then I'll take a turn."

2) This Is What I Do. Funny lady. Has a son with autism and we share a certain pissy anger about the entire ordeal. A "wtf" sensibility.

3) Manic Mom. Her sometimes scary candor and outrageous humor are tons of fun. Who else would talk about her bathroom trip at Home Depot?

4) Musings of a Louisiana Liar. How can you not love that blog title? Jana DeLeon's blog. Author, and admitted liar. Lots of good writing info there and fun too.

5) A funny Boston Irishman's blog. I am part funny Boston Irish,er,woman. My Grandmother was Anna Sullivan doncha know. I'm not all Italiano, although I embrace that part of my life because the food is way better than the Irish side and I can't get the smell of the rich, red Sicilian leather that covered our 1976 Caddy Coupe de Ville out of my nose. I do embrace the Irish love of hoisting a fine pint of black and tan, though. And I choke down soda bread once a year. I'll drink tea when my throat closes to the size of a Q-Tip stick too.



Drama Mama said...

OOOhhhh. It's like Christmas Morning. Thanks for the good reads.

Manic Mom said...

OK, I so do not recall the bathroom trip in Home Depot!

I'll have to check out my archives!

Thanks for tagging me.

I think.

Kim Stagliano said...

Manic, come on!! You and Diva or Tukey had to go potty one morning? It was hysterical. OK, maybe it was Lowe's??

Anissa said...

A few new ones I'll have to check out. Thanks!

Susan Senator said...

Thanks, Kim,
but what do I do now?
--your rowing partner whose boat is leaking at the moment (I don't even know what that means!)

Stacy said...

Links to provide me with more ways to procrastinate at work? Kim, you shouldn't have!

AhvaRahn said...

"Tagged," you said, and I thought if I came over here I'd find a "ten things" thing. I was hoping it wasn't going to be "Ten things people say about me..." for "there goes the neighborhood" was tops this week. You just made quite an uckky week wonderful. I'm well chuffed!

Keep her lit, Kim. (That is a Nothern Irish phrase said to someone doing something well, and the vibe is mighty fierce, to encourage them to keep it going.)

kimpoopdeckstag said...

Oh, you mention five blogs you happen to like, that make you think. And I always say we're in the same autism boat, but some folks are on the Lido deck and I (coiner of the term crapisode that SO many people blasted me over) am on the "Poop" deck. :)

Carolyn Burns Bass said...

So you're a watered down WOP like me. My mother was descended from Benjamin Frankin, a mix of the entire United Kingdom and Ireland combined, but my daddy was Italian.

I nearly spit coffee on my keyboard with amused agreement with the Italian cuisine being way better than the Irish fare. I'll take a deep dish of lasagne over kidney pie any day.

irishitalianvenezuelan said...

...a watered down WOP. YE-OUCH! As a kid I used to say "I'm half Italian, a quarter Irish, a quarter Venezuelan and all the rest American." My Italian grandmother was a big part of our lives growing up and so she "flavored" our household (tomato of course.) Had Grandma Rossi (nee Sullivan) been younger I might have had a better appreciation for Jamesons! I do recall having tea at her house as a child. She was very nice, but much older than my Mom's mom so not as involved with us.

AhvaRahn said...

hmm, five that make me think? but yours is all five!
I'll even have to lie down now after composing this comment. But not before a steak and kidney pie. which reminds me of mother's cooking - she made them with tender loving care and you'll-eat-it-and-like-it!
have a good weekend!

kyra said...

oh my! how will i fit it all in??? all these great new blogs to read, including yours. hmm, must sleep less.