Tuesday, April 24, 2007


My dear friend Gen is going to the Arbonne International annual event in Las Vegas. Arbonne is a MLM company offering high end skin care, make up etc. Think Mary Kay without the big hair and pink Cadillac*. Arbonne offers a White Mercedes as their incentive car. How nice is that!

Gen is my age and has two young kids (not autistic.) I know how much I'd love a trip away by myself for several days. So I called her this morning at 8:30am to wish her a safe and fun trip. I knew she was leaving on Monday.

Today is Monday, right? Um, no. Today is TUESDAY. She's already in Las Vegas. Did I mention we live on the EAST COAST? So I managed to wake my best friend at 5:30am, put the fear of God into her (I'm sure) by an early morning call and then ask her "Why are you whispering?" when she answered. What a maroon I am!

Sorry Gen. Go back to sleep.

* By the way, have you SEEN the new Mary Kay pink Cadillacs?? They are this very cool iridescent pinky/lavender/white color. We have one in town and I always wave and smile to the woman driving it. It's takes a lot of work, drive, dedication and success to get that car.



John Elder Robison said...

I just saw your blog, and that you have several autistic kids. I'm Aspergian myself. I'm somewhat near you, in Massachusetts. My brother and I are authors, also.

Where are your kids on the spectrum? I'm fairly high-functioning. My brother and my son are NT.

kimtheblogowner said...

Hi, John and welcome. My kids are officially "autistic" and their skills, while improving, are not at your level. I'm hoping that by treating them they'll gain improvements in functioning and "graduate" to an Asperger's diagnosis. I'll check out your blog, John. Again, welcome. I really enjoy communicating with adults on the spectrum, after all, my girls won't be kids forever.



Kim Stagliano said...

John, should I say that I knew your name as soon as you popped into my blog? I wasn't sure when I commented. But - CONGRATULATIONS on your wonderful book. I think I'll post a blog entry about it and how much I'm looking forward to reading it. I think it's very cool how low key you are about who are you and such.