Tuesday, April 10, 2007

File under "J" for Juxtaposition.

Yesterday I had a great day in NY.
Today? I am H-O-M-E!

Oh, cleaning is easier
when you can dance around the house
listening to your new Sirius radio to replace
the one that pooped out last week. Dusting
to Depeche Mode is decidedly less dreary than
simply humming the old Pledge song about
the Lemon Tree.

Yes, the glamorous life of the writer/autism
Mom never ends.


Susan Senator said...

Oh, I hear dat! Welcome to the writing roller coaster. Now comes the shopping around of the book, and waiting and waiting for editors! Story of my life! Plus the autism. Minus the cleaning...

Kim Stagliano said...

Roller coaster? It's more like a not-so-fun house - every room is tilted, you never know which way to turn, someone's always laughing at you and your footing is always just a little off! I equated writing to being like an eternal 6th grader wondering about the birds and the bees - knowing just a little, assuming a lot, 99% of its wrong! GF bread in the oven today - just call me Laura Ingalls. Sigh...

Michelle O'Neil said...

Dear Half-Pint,

Are you having company? That seems to be the only time my cleaning products get any time out of the closet these days.

kimhopesmomisnotreadingthis said...

LOL! Michelle, that's so funny! No, I am of Italian extraction. If company pops in (none ever does) the house is supposed to be ready to go clean. I am supposed to have fresh coffee cake at the ready too. And coffee. I have the coffee. Guests would have to settle for a GFCF cereal bar. Cleaning the house before Mark gets home from a business trip is like foreplay. Some guys like racey lingerie? My guy likes clean house. It would easier to just buy a few teddies.... :)

AhvaRahn said...

Oh, I don’t get Sirius, and Howard disappeared from my day when he ascended to that dish in the sky. Been listening to NPR a lot, which is peas and carrots away from Sirius I know, but -and you might already be aware of this- Jon Hamilton has been doing some interesting pieces on autism. The segment this morning was about a kid with severe autism and the challenges he and his family were facing.


P.S. I have heard of 'cleaning products'. Vague recollections though.

Michelle O'Neil said...

If my guy wants his house spic & span, he'd better work a little overtime to afford the help.

Lasagna is the key to HIS half Italian heart.

Kim Stagliano said...

Oh my Mark pitches in! He does laundry, his own and the kids! HE vacs and cleans the kitchen and all those things. He's a keeper. He's bringing me a GOO GOO from Nashville tonight. I've never had a GOO GOO. I am excited. The sparkly house is a thank you. Hey, Boston Irishman, get to know your cleaning products, OK?


AhvaRahn said...


(Alhough I need to find a way to adapt the self-cleaning oven concept for the whole house - should keep me busy in the basement for a while.)

Lisa McMann said...

Kim, you made me snort!

Hey -- stopping by to say thanks for your comment on my guest blog debut with story Danny Boy.

I really appreciate it!