Friday, April 20, 2007

Autism does not equal Sociopath....
These three girls have autism. They are not sociopathic. They do not have a mean bone in their bodies. They are not deranged. They will not knowingly harm you. They do not plot revenge. They HAVE AUTISM.
Please, if you hear on the news "The Virginia Tech Shooter is said to have had autism" block your ears. Sing "la la la I can't heeeear you!" as loud as you can. You can also spit if you're outside for good measure.
Here's my post on the topic from Huffington Post. It's on the main blogroll, not Fearless Voices.
(PS) If you're wondering why this unusal art for a holiday card? Have you ever tried to get three kids with autism to look at a camera and smile? I'll say no more. ;)


mcewen said...

No email [not surprisingly dearie] so I just wanted to reply as I'm at home so I caught your post - I feel it's important to have the first comment be something positive. Well done you.
It's a subject that's been fluttering around our neck of the woods with everyone biting their nails waiting for the flashback.
Great photo - I can count on one hand the number of photos I have with all three of mine in the same frame!
Have a great weekend.
Cheers dearies

mcewen said...

By the by [no email so feel free to delete] our pal over at MOM NOS might welcome some advice regarding 'nasty comments.' My 'rhino' hide is still open to offers.

AhvaRahn said...

i might risk a poke in the eye, and some cleaning chores, and spit inside.

you've beautiful kids. as for the card, all the best art is unsual.

Drama Mama said...

I'm about to pop over to HuffPo to read another brilliant article by you. Just HAD to comment on your GORGEOUS, sweet, and gentle girls. I am looking forward to reading your article, and sending on to at least 10 of my friends, which is becoming a habit with me.
Thank you for hitting it on the head with all things Autism.
And all things Italian :)

The Wandering Author said...

Kim, you make a great point, although I'd be happier living in a world where the point never needed to be made. Blaming one individual's actions on a group is a terrible and foolish idea. What about the times a "normal" white American does something like this? Why doesn't bigotry crawl out from under its rock then? Bigotry simply seeks excuses to justify itself, and it is time everyone learned that, and drove bigotry back under its rock forever.

Lisa said...

Great article Kim, the girls are lovely. I liked the way you clarified things for "Allen" regarding off label uses, and you did it so nicely.

kathie said...

I love your passion Kim. You're doing great dealing with so much. I'm glad there's as much love and joy as there is difficulty--I mean dealing with those who don't get it. Like most of us in the world.

Kim Super said...

Hi Kim,
I didnt realize it was your christmas card at first. I thought what a great way to hang up stockings w/photo's. You are so creative. Its wonderful to see your beautiful girls. Good for you for speaking up. Kim Super

g. said...

I cringed when I first heard that... great way to instill even more public fear about autism. There was one recently too where they kept talking about the killer being adopted, hello? adoption does not make serial killers. We adopted our son and likewise, not a mean sociopathic bone in his body... I hate inappropriate labeling of a people, you have three beautiful daughters who just happen to be autistic just as I have the best son in the world who happens to be adopted, they are not identifies just simply a part of who they are.