Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sirius'ly Struggling

I can't get a signal on my Sirius satellite radio! I can listen on my computer - but the receiver that I use in the kitchen and the car might be broken. It is only picking up the signal sporadically. I haven't listened to FM radio in over a year. I am reminded WHY I dropped testicular radio (as its called on Howard Stern) every time I hear a cheesy car dealership commercial or a request for pledges or Dust in the Wind. Sirius, COME BACK! I think I need a new receiver. Mark gets home tonight from the West Coast. I'm putting him on the job.


Ashley loves Leo said...

Oh man, I feel for you Kim. I totally empathize! If it weren't for my beloved (howard stern)and my favorite kitchen clean-up stations like Strobe, I would just die. I need my daily dose of normal in Stepford land.

Siriusly, Howard Stern played repeats from 1986 for a few days, and today I just listened for a few minutes before work, but it seemed he was back live. So in theory you didn't miss much.

It was quite cute to hear his very young voice - I didn't immediately know it was him! And david letterman's voice was so boy-like too.

I wonder if Howard will cover Oprah's coverage on Autism on Thursday. You know how he pretends to hate her and his mom openly loves her!

Michelle O'Neil said...

This happened to my XM radio this week. Todd had to go out and fiddle with the outside antennae. It has been jiggled with all the opening of the windows this spring. Hope you are all fixed up by now.