Sunday, April 15, 2007


I read a very fun book on Friday night. Yes, the entire book. It's called "Because She Can" by Bridie Clark. It's about a young woman in the publishing industry who goes to work for the Queen Shrew of the business. Sort of like The Devil Wears Prada meets the book business.

The book itself was a fun, engaging read. But it was the very last page that got me. Ms. Clark thanks a long list of folks at the end of the book. Not only did I recognize the name of her agent, my eyeballs grew larger than their already Marty Feldman size when I read the name of her editor. I know this editor by name. I haven't met her though.

This is a first. I've been reading books and acknowledgements for quite a few years. "Blah blah blah, thanks to the inventor of Garamond, couldn't have written this book without my herbalist and my thirty seven cats, etc."

Now that my book is "out there" I am paying attention to editors and imprints and such. And the editor who bought "Because She Can" is reading my book. What emotion did that stir? Think of the thrill of a first kiss combined with the upward launch of your guts on a giant rollercoaster hill. The big one that lifts you out of your seat and scares you out of your pants and comes darn close to emptying out your bladder. Cold sweat meets high hopes. This woman bought the book that was in my hands. And she will be reading my book.

Aye yi yi.

Well, off to look at the NorEaster pounding outside. We're not far from the coast and the lashing is impressive in a "hope we stay dry" kind of way. Spring break looms. Tomorrow we brave the weather for a drive to Massachusetts to GrandE and Granpa's house. Good food, four extra hands and two giant hearts to help with the girls. And I get a night out with friends on Tuesday.


LadyBronco said...

My fingers are crossed for you, ma'am!

And here's hoping that the Nor'easter goes away quickly!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Life is good Kim!

Enjoy your visit and your night out.

And your NY Times best seller? That's a done deal. Just sit back and enjoy as it comes to fruition.

kimsays said...

Michelle - you mean the one I just picked up at Borders? LOL! I try to maintain some semblance of confidence while I fight the demons of newcomer terror, but those three letters (N-Y-T) do NOT cross my mind or my lips. Oprah? Now THAT would be cool....

Anonymous said...

I read that book too. Loved it Check out the full description:

Because She Can

irene said...

i'm honored you checked out and commented on my blog. and thanks for new book recommendation.

ORION said...

I missed the storm. But my planes got delayed and cancelled anyway.
Go figure!