Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kim Stagliano now on Betty Confidential!

I've been a bad blog mother. I know it. I'm up to my eyeballs in Age of Autism, book stuff, kids, life, the holidays, and more. I've been neglecting the Kim blog. I took on an assignment for a wonderful magazine called Spectrum that targets the autism world. I'll be writing for another wonderful magazine called Autism File at some point too.

I'm trying to find new writing opportunities to expand my world and stretch my writing abilities. I need to grow. I've felt kind of stale and stagnant. Yuck. Blog writing style is different from book writing. Blogging is like eating candy for me. Munch crunch swallow. Books and even articles are a meal. Plan, savor, hope you don't barf all over your shoes.

And of course, Mark's job situation has added say, numbers three or four to the one two punch we call day to day life. My stress called out sick this morning and took a stress day.

So... I report HAPPILY that I'm now writing for Betty Confidential! Thanks to my friend Steph of Manic Mommy for interviewing me last month on Betty Confidential. The editors at Betty (look at me all colloquial!) liked my story (sob story?) and invited me to join them. I'm tickled pink!

You can read my first piece The Paper Mitten Family at Betty now.


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

YAY! And we FINALLY GET TO WORK TOGETHER! Isn't it amazing how the cyber world of writing does work out! And promise we will meet someday!!

HEY, will you be at BLogHer 2009? In CHICAGO!!!!

PS--I'm giving away a really cool book at Manic right now, so everyone come check it out!


Michelle O'Neil said...

Go Kim!

Kim Stagliano said...

You mean I can LEAVE??? Now you tell me! ;)

Leeann said...

Loved the article, Kim. Congratulations! I can relate to the "neglecting the blog" blues. I'll sing the alto part :)