Monday, December 01, 2008

Three Degrees of Separation from Mad Men's Don Draper.

Do you watch AMC's Mad Men? It's about advertising men (and "girls" in the early/mid-1960's) on Madison Avenue, in NY - the heart of American advertising. Mark and I are utterly hooked. It's replaced the now off air Sopranos in our limited TV repertoire.

The Tony Soprano of Mad Men is a character named Don Draper. He's a family man. A cheating husband. A lying WWII veteran ( I won't spoil the story by telling you just how much of a liar he is.) A chain smoker (they all are, cigarettes are a main character in the series.) And a thirsty drinker, rarely without a cocktail (never a beer) in his hands at work or at play. He's' played by John Hamm to full-handsome-cad perfection.
When I tell you I ADORE this program, I mean I adoooore it. The sets, the clothes, the storylines, the writing, the characters, the advertising (I went into advertising straight out of college and always loved it) the NY setting, everything. And I, like many viewers, have a thing for Don Draper.

I am now just three degrees from Don Draper. How, you ask, does a suburban autism Mom find herself within fainting distance of Sterling Cooper Advertising's star performer? A woman who spends most of her time cleaning, swabbing, typing and cooking? A women who is a hair away from having her weekly Communion delivered to her house by her priest? How on earth is she a mere three degrees from Don Draper? I'll tell you. My agent. Who looks alot like this:

He called me today to provide moral support, make sure I hadn't kissed a tailpipe given the current economic downturn chez Stagliano (which he pronounces with a perfect Italian "Stah-lee-ah-no") and generally to check in on my progress on a work in mostly sort of kind of progress. As he told me about his holiday (to die for, but I won't divulge his secrets) he mentioned he'd signed a new client, and was very excited. It like this, as I was in Target, that bastion of style and Fifth Avenue chic.....

"I have a new client named Bryan Batt." DING! DING! DING! went the OMG bells. Salvatore Romano!" I howled with delight. "Sal from Mad Men!"

He's every bit as handsome as Don Draper - and almost as secretive. Sal is a gay man in the early 1960s, which means closeted. Bryan portrays Sal with a perfect blend of snark, sadness and pride. Bryan is also a designer and will be writing a book, represented by my agent. SQUEEEEE! You can read a terrific interview with him HERE.

So from me, to my agent to Bryan to DON DRAPER. Three degrees my friends.

If you don't watch Mad Men I suggest you buy someone you love the DVD's for the holidays. Click Here to Purchase.

You can see Bryan in this quick clip.


Michelle O'Neil said...

Mr. Draper is lucky to be running your your circles, I tell ya.

Your agent sounds like a gem.

Kim Stagliano said...

I wish he was running in my circles, triangles, squares and oblongs! LOL! It's been a long time since I had a crush on a character on TV. Like maybe since Greg Brady!

Ginger Taylor said...

Mad Men is bizarrely addictive!

We watched the pilot and were like... when is something going to happen??? And according to our 21st century TV taste.. nothing did.

But then we had to watch the second episode to see what the hell Matthew Weiner was doing?!

Then something small and subtle would happen and we were like... 'oh my God... did you see that... play that again...'

And before we knew it Mr. Weiner had actually slowed down our tv watching. Watching it is like growing up in a loud italian family, and then meeting a guy who talks so softly and sparingly that it forces you to calm down and listen intently.

It is like a moving black and white photograph.

With a really hot guy in the staring role.

Amanda said...

This series has been running over here too and I never gave it a look - will have to mend my ways!

inherwritemind1 said...

Hi Kim,

I love love love Mad Men, too.

I'm not up to speed on your work-in-progress. You have an agent -- hooray! -- and you're in revisions? Please give me a Cliff Note.


PS my verification word is *uncul* LOL

Kim Stagliano said...

Uncul?? HARDLY! You're up to speed. I do have an agent. We're working on my manuscripts to sell. It's a long process!!!!

inherwritemind1 said...

Cul! :-)

I'm rooting for ya.