Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day!
School has been cancelled all over Metro NY and NE due to the storm that's coming. I want to go back to sleep! Dad crawled back under the covers after checking his phone for the alert at 5:30am. Mia went back to sleep (God bless 14 year olds.) Gianna is eyeballing the wonderful chocolate advent calendar a dear friend sent us this week (shout out to Allie!) and Bella is clawing at my arm with her book bag and lunch box. She's had a cold and has been in and out of school with a runny nose.
The house cleanup people come Monday to fix the basement - AMEN! I'm worried about mold and mildew. We have to prepare inventory lists for insurance.

I think we'll bake some holiday goodies today. Tackle some last minute clean up. Listen to Christmas Carols and watch all the holiday specials we have on DVD. Might as well enjoy the day!
Be safe wherever you are - the storm's a comin'!


Anonymous said...

Kim, what is the refernce form mold or mildew problems and the children have health problems. Conssider environmental causes.
See my web site, contact me for questions. regards. R. Reace

Lj said...

Hi Kim, I read & love your work on AoA & Huff Po... yes, there are some nifty, safe ways to combat mold/mildew that will be safe & perhaps even beneficial for individuals/families with autism.... feel free to e-mail me at if you would like info. God speed & Happy Holidays to you ! Love the Diarama!