Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Meet Three Boys with Autism. One recovered. One close. The other working toward the goal.

For everyone who reads this blog, whether in the autism family or not, I wanted to share my friend Michele Iallonardi's amazing story with you. She was featured in the movie "Autism Everyday" as one family struggling with the astonishing day to day challenges of having a child with autism.

Michele had THREE BOYS diagnosed. I used to joke with her that we were like an autism Brady Bunch. We never did figure out which husband had to die and which divorce, my Mark or her Ralph. And now we don't have to, because one of her boys has lost his diagnosis and a second is close!

Recovery from autism is possible. It's not a given for every family who works so hard for their children. But recovery is REAL. These boys were not misdiagnosed. Nope. Here's what I ran on Age of Autism for Christmas Eve, a night of miracles.

Meet Child Warriors Luca, Jackson and Bennett, so named for Jenny McCarthy's book, Mother Warriors. Many of you know their dedicated parents, Ralph and Michele Iallonardi, and will recognize the boys from the "Autism Every Day" movie. Here's a holiday miracle that Michele wanted to share:

Luca is recovered! He officially lost his diagnosis in January 2008. He is doing incredible.

Jackson has come very far....he spoke his first word at 5 and half. Here is a link to him singing a song
http://www.youtube.com/user/lumardi1. His little voice is beautiful.

Bennett is so close to recovery that he doesn't meet criteria for an autism diagnosis anymore. He still has support at school, but he is doing great and is a real comedian.

I know we all have more miracles in our future! I hope they arrive in 2009.
Happy holidays!

Isn't that amazing news? What are you asking Santa for this year? Ho-Ho-Hope, as our friends at NAA say.



Michelle O'Neil said...

So awesome. I remember her well from Autism Every Day. What an amazing and hopeful story as we go into 2009.


Cindy Procter-King said...

That is very cool.

michele i. said...

I don't read your blog for a day and this is what I miss?? My three gorgeous boys!!
Thanks Kim, for sharing them for me.