Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Online Book Tour

This post is from Galley Cat, a publishing blog. Authors are using the web to drop in on book clubs and create virtual book tours. This is perfect for shut ins like me! Wouldn't your book club LOVE to talk to the author on a phone or online webcast? Of course, that means many of you will actually have to read the book in addition to the wine bottle label (I remember my first suburban book club. Not a lot of reading!)

I plan to use technology to its fullest for my books. Lordy, hurry up '09 so I can get back to writing.

Last week, GalleyCat reported how novelists Joshua Henkin and Kelly Simmons have collectively spoken with 150 reading groups in person or by speakerphone--pioneers of the self-guided book group tour. Readers chimed in with plenty of suggestions for authors interested in created self-guided book club tours.

HERE to read the full post.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
BTW, happy belated birthday! What's going on with your book? My birthday wish for you is to see your book published - I want to buy a copy. And I will happily host you (virtually or otherwise) for a meet the author night!