Monday, December 22, 2008

90 minute weather delay for school today.
No school last Friday for the storm.
3 children with autism.
1 book proposal to finish.
Articles to write.
2 blogs to run.
Major holiday to perfect.
Turn 1 year older.
Staring down the barrel of 2 unstructured weeks.
There will be hell.


Amanda said...

If it wasn't you I'd say something like what's the worst that can happen? but seeing as it's you, I won't.

We have two weeks planned with military precision and it's all gone to hell already because my blasted children won't blasted well sleep and if they do blasted well sleep it's not at the same blasted time. Is it January 5th yet?

Kim Stagliano said...

Amen, Amanda. Amen. Send them out with the damn chickens I say! Of course, Bella slept in today - because it's MONDAY! All weekend? 5:30am. Up with the sun. Er, the clouds. The kicker is knowing this will be our life for ever and ever and ever and ever. People don't get that part. This doesn't end for us. Not well, anyway.

Word ver: Miste.... Of course I didn't get the entire misteltoe!

K Fuller said...

I suppose Winter Vacation is for the teachers and school staff right?
Our school district ,in its infinite wisdom, has increased our break to 3 weeks. They hope more kids will come right back to school after the break. In theory this will increase their ADA money. I doubt if they thought about what is best for the students.

Build Muscle and Lose Fat said...

As I read your to-do list, I feel your pain. Please know that you are not alone. =P

Michelle O'Neil said...

God bless you woman.

Laura said...

I'll add an Amen, as well! We had school canceled last Wed, Thurs. and Fri because of the crazy amount of snow dumped - about a foot around here - and now we're on our two week break. The roads still look bad, because Seattle really doesn't do snow, and we're getting out about once a day in Hubby's 4wd. I took the boys out yesterday, sledding and "snow hiking" -- Hutton literally waded in snow up to his thighs, walking uphill (not both ways, but hey!) for about a half mile, and he was chasing his brother around inside after a short snack and 20 minute recharge. I was wearing snow shoes, because I used to use them back when I did things like snowshoeing and other forms of exercise. If I didn't have them, I would have passed out from exhaustion. My boys are currently playing Xbox, but I can't let them play that more than 3 hours a day, can I?

Kim Stagliano said...

8 hours is recommended..... Trust me. 12 during school break. Merry Christmas, Lawrer!

Angela Warner said...

Oh a big AMEN here too! Now we're on break. The week before break we missed four days of school - down here in Vancouver (Laura). We have over a foot of snow on the ground. The week before that everyone was home sick. I've had enough break. They've had enough break. This is starting to feel like summer vacation all over again.

Word ver... doess

I guess that means it's time for happy hour to start! :) Yes it doess :)

I feel your pain ladies!