Saturday, December 27, 2008

Counting my Blessings. Paying it Forward.

So many of you have sent your thoughts, prayers and generous (amazingly generous) gifts to my family this holiday season. I am so grateful for my blessings. I am a member of a writer's organization called Backspace. One of our members lost her HOUSE in a fire this month. Can you imagine??? My flood looks like piss on the floor by comparison. Here's Linnea's story. And a link to her email if you want to help her family out.

Last Sunday our house burned down. I've lost everything including the research material I collected over the years for my first novel as well as all the research for my current wip. My son was home and saved the computer tower, my lap top and his and more importantly himself and our two dogs. Now we have to face the nightmare of dealing with the insurance company. Emergency Social Services put us up in a hotel for 72 hours and gave us a little money to buy toiletries and a few items of clothing. Fortunately we have family in town and didn't spend Christmas day in the hotel! My writing is on hold until we can get settled into a rental while we wait for the insurance people to decide whether or not they'll rebuild our house or deny our insurance claim. You never know with those guys. Although it's pretty devastating to lose everything you have, the way people have rallied around us is nothing short of miraculous. One sometimes becomes cynical about our fellow man but at times like these our care for one another shines through. All in all it's been a very happy Christmas despite our loss.

You can email an Amazon (or your choice) gift card to this email address. Small denomination, large, in between, it doesn't matter. They add up fast and Linnea can use them to rebuild her family's life. Try this link: to go right to the ecard form.


Holly Kennedy said...

How awful! My thoughts and prayers go out to this family. What a horrible thing to happen.

Holly Kennedy said...

Kim, I don't know how you juggle all that you do. It's been some time since I last visited your blog (or anyone else's) so I'm just now getting caught up on some of your posts....

Wonderful Xmas snapshots of the girls. They're lovely!

And I'm truly sorry about your flood. I had EXACTLY the same thing happen in 2005 (desk, computers under water in our basement) so I can relate to what you're going through.

All the best in 2009, girl.
You deserve a new year that rocks.

Kim Stagliano said...

Thanks, Holly. I, um, multitask - I need YOUR ability to buckle down though. I really do. And a full time sitter to help with the kids. Once they're home I'm done for - nothing but a blog post here, moderate comments there, the usual Mom stuff.

I fear fire more than most anything else. My flood is nothing compared to losing everything. I have my bed, my clothes, etc. To lost it all must be devastating and almost paralyzing.

And after being a charity basket case for so many months as we roll from "you gotta be kidding me" to "Not again!" it feels good to help someone else.

Hope the boys had a fun holiday. Is it January 5 yet?

Jen in SoCal said...

Consider it done. Fire scares the crap out of me - especially now that I have two little ones. I can't begin to imagine her pain, loss, and anxiety.