Monday, December 22, 2008

Miracle on C......e Street.

To our New York City Secret Santa and caller ID blocking (you devils!) Trumbull Elves.

Thank you. I am so humbled. Merry Christmas. And thank you. Someone remind Virginia, "YES."


Michelle O'Neil said...

I don't know what any of this means but I can feel your happy from here in Ohio.


Diane Yellis said...

Thank goodness there's goodness.

JC in SoCal said...

Do tell more! :) Whatever goodness it was, you deserve it!!

Drama Mama said...


Whatever it was, mazel tov!

Kim Stagliano said...

To the Trumbull Elves who commented on the flood post:

Anonymous Elf - my goodness - you pulled off quite a trick in my own front yard! With spotlight ON no less! Did you wear tinsel to blend in??? Mark and I are so grateful. Yesterday was a hard day for me, Service Master came and I had to really really throw out all the ruined stuff. My wedding photos (framed) so many kid pictures. I know it's just "Stuff" but it hit me hard. Like my happier, younger, pre-autism days (as few as there were) were gone. Then I found a photo album I'd forgotten about - that was OK - from right out of college with so many of the people I love and loved and am still close to today, 20+ years later. I felt sadder, but better.

It's an odd season - we're supposed to be so happy and yet, there's so much emotion and baggage tied into Christmas.

Your surprise helps us to keep the faith. And to remember we have great riches, all in all.

Thank you.


Petra said...

Here's to Love, Friends, Blessings, Better Times...

michele said...

you deserve all of that and more.
I hope you day keeps getting merrier!

Kim Stagliano said...

And so it did! Merry Christmas, Michele. Thank you so much! Celebrate those gorgous boys! Recovered, almost recovered and on his way. The greatest gift of all, getting our kids back.

God bless us EVERY ONE.

Love, KIM

ahva-rahn said...

Merry Christmas Kim, and also to Mark and the girls.


The Anti-Wife said...

Merry Christmas!