Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thank you to Michelle for the linky uppy info Full Soul Ahead
So how did I change my blog to red ink?????

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Drama Mama
9 things about me:

1) I am right handed, but I turn a cartwheel and hold a hockey stick lefty. I hold a baseball bat righty. I could not play field hockey because the stick was turned the wrong way for me, so I rowed crew instead.

2) I did not embrace my curly hair until my twenties after a breakup with a curly haired boyfriend. Not sure if there's any iron-y there.

3) I was suspended from boarding school for a drinking incident.

4) I taught aerobics for fifteen years and have a photo of myself teaching step 9 months pregnant with Mia. It is just as odd looking as you'd imagine. Class attendees worked hard out of sheer shame of being surpassed by a woman who had swallowed a basketball and yet was still able to bark out commands at them. I did not wear my thongs while pregnant. Hey, it was the 90's - we instructors wore shiny black tights and thongs. No leg warmers. No skinny belts.

5) My husband I were married in Hilton Head SC. I have no connection to Hilton Head or S. Carolina. We just wanted a small, family and close friends only wedding, so we went outside of New England. Mark and I each have large, Italian/Irish families. We had 60 people at our wedding. People still talk about how perfect it was.

6) I gave birth three times with no drugs at all and no episiotomies. The third time was the hardest. Ignorance is indeed bliss. Better to not see the train coming at you. I wanted my girls to be 100% clean and drug free. Then the docs gave two of them a Hep B vaccine at 8 hours old......

7) I have never felt that my girls were a burden. I want to help them. I want to bring them as far into recovery as I can. They are my girls. Period.

8) I call my friend Gen every single time I hear "Like a Prayer" because it reminds me of when she and I drove to Newport RI in my little red Jetta with the kickass Blaupunkt stereo. She calls me too when she hears the song. I often call my voicemail and hear Madonna singing. I know it's Gen.

9) I will pray for your soul daily if you can PLEASE tell me how to make the linky things in plain english by showing me an exact example. I am visual. I need to see it. You might find yourself in hell after I pray for you. I offer no guarantees.

I tag This Is What I Do, an autism mom who is a blast.
This Is What I Do


Drama Mama said...

You birthed your babies au natural?

You are a pimp.


Thanks for the tip on TIWID. Great stuff.

Kim Stagliano said...

Yup. Used a doula. A great husband. A stool. A shower stall. Lots of walking. And, believe it or not I STIMMED to take my mind off the pain. I did not realize it was stimming at the time. I am not autistic. But I flicked my fingers and shook my hands at the wrist over and over and over. That's partially why I believe so strongly that autistic stimming can often be a natural response to pain. And why I went biomed early on with my girls. Crazy, huh??

Michelle O'Neil said...

I didn't think I could love you more??

My dream is to row crew. Have never rowed a thing in my life!

My dream is curly hair (mine has always been pin straight).

I'm a lefty, but throw and cut righty.

I dreamed of a small intimiate wedding (didn't happen).

I dreamed of natural chidbirths, (also didn't happen).

I will TOTALLY show you how to do embedding.

If I can do it, anyone can.

Stacy said...

Okay, I need someone to pray for me so I hope this helps.
1) Download Mozilla firefox into your computer if you are not already using it. Explorer is the problem. Trust me, I finally figured out how to link after months of errors.
2) Open your blogger address in firefox, go to dashboard, click on the chain picture in the top of screen and then it will say this
(I am going to copy it on next comment

Stacy said...

Wait, you have links. Maybe you don't need my help. will you still pray for my soul?
About your tag, I birthed au-naturel twice. I have a theory about these spectrum disorders and their direct correlation to the epidural usage and C-sec rate increases. Your gut seems to prove the immunization link as being as strong as the other assaults. I believe you.

I am also, (Like Michelle O) lefty but I throw and cut right handed. I think the true word for that is ambidextrous though.

Kim Stagliano said...

What the hell is "cutting?" Is that a softball term? I played DEEP right - a position I later learned was made up just for me so I could keep the ladies at the concession stand (meaning not actually in the field in proximity of a ball) company.

I will pray for you. Good luck. :)

Ahvarahn said...

looks like you are all set:

I was going to suggest that you look at
this here link
(it is safe and visual).

I always seem to miss out when they are giving away free prayers. Bless you.

Kim Stagliano said...

Mr. Hancock, trust me, you get what you pay for... Thanks for the help! I'll save yours too. I'm sure to forget soon.

Laura said...

Ok, I'll go do my work now! Sorry, I'm slow!

Instead of offering comments here on everything, I'll just blog about it!

Laura said...

Oh yeah - iron-y there.
LOL! I'm jealous of you gals with naturally curly hair. Mine is naturally like the "before" in shampoo or volumizing ads.

Amanda said...

Well, I gave birth with 3 cenisters of entinox and an epidural after 3 days of labour first time round and then it was 10 minutes and a hard cough the second time round! Baby no.2 is more severely autistic than baby no.1 but more interestingly she has a real fascination with all things food/cooking and I gave birth on the kitchen floor!!
Kim have you come across Roz Blackburn? She's a severely autistic adult who does the lecture circuit and I beleive she's crossed the ocean a couple of times - look out for her, she is AMAZING.

Honey, does the floor seem slippery? said...

Amanda, 3 days of labor? I'd have lopped off my own head with a scalpel. Kitchen floor? Better than a taxi! You win - hands down. You win the birth horror story contest. Your prize? A pillow shaped like a donut, slightly used....

TR said...

I appreciate all your comments and advice.

We used a midwife for both of our girls and actually took the placenta with us when the first was born. We put it in the ground and planted a beautiful bush over it. An old rite, but illegal in Massachusetts.

Btw, what is "word verification" and do I need it?

Blogging is still a little strange for me because I cannot talk about my day - almost everything is confidential - but I'm feeling very comfortable with the feedback and the blogs I have visited, including yours.

Kim Stagliano said...

Thanks, TR. Do you get a doggy bag for the placenta!? LOL! Our doula was awesome - we used one in Ohio, another in PA and then brought the first out of retirement when we moved back to Ohio and had #3.

Word Verification is the Blogger thingy (you see how technical I am) that makes you type in the letters you see to verify you are a HUMAN posting and not a Spambot. I feel quite certain you are human. (That's sounds like something JR would say, doesn't it!)

Drop by anytime. Feel free to offer therapy advice to the blog owner....

Pickel said...

I am right handed and bat and golf left handed. My husband refuses to buy me a set of left handed golf clubs so I refuse to golf.

I carry everything on my left side...thus I have a torn tendon in my left shoulder.

I never birthed a child but still had the epidural...We were in a car accident just after we signed his adoption papers in Russia. I tore the cartilage in my knee and had to have surgery. Not as traumatizing as childbirth but the months of therapy were not fun.