Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Writers on Autism Follow Up
Thank you to photographer Christopher Zach for donating his time and talent and for not zooming in on a close up.....

This is my handsome husband Mark, who served as driver, hand holder, and biggest fan.

This is John Robison (in the orange shirt) with Barbara Fischkin's strapping son, Dan heading out for a break. Barbara's husband, Jim Mulvaney is seated and wearing the red shirt.

John wowed the group and parents were dying to hear more from him since he's like a "translator" for those us whose kids do not speak. It's got to be a heavy responsibility for him. I hope we don't overwhelm him with our badgering.

For you writers: If you look waaaay in the back you can barely see a head of black hair, sort of just under Dan's chin. That's Janet Reid, who blew me away by attending the event to hear me speak. Do NOT ask the inevitable question. The answer is no. NO. NO. NO. (Nitwits, you understand me, yes?) My agent, Eric Myers, also attended to support me. Joy!

Michelle Pierce Burns read about her intense love for her son, Danson. Michelle is a dear friend of a certain legendary comedian and educator, Dr. Bill Cosby (hey hey hey!) She has a jubiliant radiance when she speaks about her son.

Several authors had books available there but were not present. Including the book shown, Ralph Savarese's story of how he and his wife adopted a child with autism out of the foster care system. How's this for a small world? He just signed with The Spieler Agency, which is also my literary agency. I hope to meet Ralph and his son DJ one day soon. His site is http://ralphsavarese.com/.

Landon Napoleon read from his book ZigZag, which became a movie featuring one of my favorite actors, Wesley Snipes (hunkasaurus rex.)

Landon knew nothing about autism or Asperger's, yet wrote a character who was immediately identified as having HFA or Asp - he nailed it.

Susan Senator, writer and Autism Mom and honorary Iron Workers of America union member thanks to her "bridge building" abilities wasn't able to attend but her book was on sale too. http://www.susansenator.com/. You can bet she'll headline at our Boston event.

That's a quick recap of some of the night. Oh, my husband was also official book buyer - I came home with four new books to read.

We're planning future events. Maybe we'll come to your town!

I'll let you know.


Susan Senator said...

Kim, it looks like such a wonderful event!!
BTW, Hubby looks yummy, too... ;) You lucky girl!

Drama Mama said...

Wow. That's like the Autism All Stars. I saw Michelle on Oprah. SO inspiring.

Your husband is adorable, and I love the body language between you two.
Total love.

Kim Stagliano said...

Susan, you just reminded me! I'll be right back.

Kim Stagliano said...

I'm back. No I did not run out for a quickie with Mark (even though he works from home and is sitting 10 feet away from me.) I added your book. DOH! Sorry I'd missed it.

Drama, you should SEE some of our body language. It mostly involves a certain finger... We can be very feisty/Italian.

Susan Senator said...

Kim, thanks for the plug.

Hey, aren't quickies what working from home is really about??

Kim Stagliano said...

Yes, but FIVE minutes? Too quick even for a quickie! LOL!!!

Holly Kennedy said...

What a great post, Kim.

It sounds like the evening was a success. I've added the books you noted to my list to read this fall when I start writing my 4th novel, which has a cognitively challenged main character (maybe he'll be autistic ?? don't know) I need to become better informed either way.

I also think it's wonderful that you're planning other events like this one. I wish your goup was coming to my area! I'd drag a crowd out to hear you speak.

Barbara Fischkin said...


You left out what a big hit your own rendition of life with autism was! Thank you so much for reading and helping me and being there! More soon... Barbara

mcewen said...

Good for you girlie!
oops that was after I read the meme and then just carried on down here.
Best wishes

Kim Stagliano said...
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Anonymous said...

Yeah for Boston! Let me know where and when and I'll tape the event. And you can ask another local author, Sarah Perault to read from her book All About My Brother.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
Sorry, the above anonymous posting is from the other SS from MA.

Manic Mom said...

Great to hear how it all went! So proud of you!