Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer has officially rolled in!

Today is the first day of summer vacation. It's nice not to have to scramble at 5:45 to make lunches and breakfasts and dress the girls for school. Instead, I got up at 5:49am and the kids are hungry and in their PJ's.

Some housekeeping today. I was tagged as a Thinking Blogger, with instructions to tag other blogs that make me think. Thank you for the tag! ALL blogs make me think. I don't swing into as many autism blogs as you'd imagine. Eating, breathing, living autism rather exhausts me - oh and I WRITE autism too. I'm in and out of writer's, agents and publishing blogs often. A few just for laughs.
Then I got tagged to tell you some things about myself. While I appreciate the tag, I'm not that interesting. Trust me. And I dragged out a few quasi-embarrasing tidbit about myself a few posts ago. How's this, you figure out the summertime questions:
1) The high dive at Bearcroft Swimclub in Attleboro, MA
2) Paragon Park at Nantasket Beach, the Paratrooper
3) Beach boys songs and the smell of Coppertone
4) Strawberry shortcake
I will tell you that I had a killer Schwinn bike as a kid - sort of like the one in the photo. Mine was purple, a girls bike, had a sparkly banana seat, monkey bars, and a low back rest. And those clicky sticks on the spokes. No bell. Bells were for geeks and little kids. That bike reminds me of summer. Jerry Simmer had one with a stick shift - a stick shift! That was the coolest Schwinn in the neighborhood.
7:03am. Time to feed the kids. Make the lunches (it's easier to make and pack lunch every day then we can go out to eat on the deck, go for a picnic, or eat it inside. It helps keep the girls' routine in check.) Oh, and COFFEE. Now!


Laura said...

Bikes. I had the mostest awesomest bike EVA! My first real bike was a hand-me-down from my older brother, that my dad spray painted pink for me. But, for my eight birthday, I got THE BIKE -- it had a rainbow hued frame, and a banana seat with a rainbow and sun. And of course, we added the little plastic flower basket to the front. Sigh. I miss that bike!

The questions --is this Jeopardy?-- What are scary things you conquered on the summer for 1 & 2? Summer cliches for #3? Best summer dessert? I don't know! I remember going to Paragon Park, but don't think I ever did the Paratrooper.

Barbara Fischkin said...


Some of our summer news! Earlier today Dan left for Camp Loyaltown, a wonderful sleep away camp for kids with disabilities. As he got on the bus for camp I said a prayer -I do pray but only when warranted- for all the mothers of yore of kids in Willowbrook, for all the falsely accused refrigerator mothers, for people like the aforementioned who may not have lived to see what I saw today: My son's happy face as he got on a bus for his own happy experience.

Oh, yeah, I prayed for Dan's counselors too. Of course!!!

More soon..

xxoo B