Monday, June 04, 2007

Ciao Sopranos!
I survived Sex and the City going off the air. I did not die when Six Feet Under ended. But do I have to say "Ciao" to The Sopranos on Sunday???


BadaBing guy said...

Sylvio! Bobby! And Tony went "to the mattresses, for real in the last scene. Did you see that? Can't wait for next week.

mcewen said...

It's almost holiday time anyway so I doubt if we'll be able to watch anything anyway!

Drama Mama said...

I am truly having a hard time with this one. I woke up at 3:12 am this morning, worried about Carmela and the kids. Sick, no?

I can't take my mind off these moments:
Janet yelling to her two year old, "Don't cry, crying is for babies!"

Dr. Melfi throwing Tony out of her office after he steals a recipe out of her magazine;

The BRILLIANT train/Bobby hit.

Tony clutching automatic rifle, hiding in Junior's house.

ALSO - did you hear Tony say, "They don't hit the families" to Carmela?
Red herring? Foreshadowing? Would David Chase kill Carm? After last night, I felt like he'll kill anybody - T himself!

I just know that I won't be able to breathe next Sunday night.

I'm starting my gravy and my rolled meat on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Hey since it is HBO - maybe Mr. Big from Sex in the City will save the day? The show will end with Tony - and whoever is left - walking into the Bing!

Kim the blog owner said...

Mr. Big.... Siiiggghhhhh. Those waggling eyebrows said it all. And maybe Keith and Nate from Six Feet Under could be in the funeral parlor? Who knows. I just know I am bumming out over the end of this show. It was Mark's and my Sunday night thing. Like X-Files was in the early 90's when we first got married.

Laura said...

I couldn't believe Sunday's episode! I felt like I was holding my breath for the last 20 minutes! I love this show, too, but I can keep myself entertained watching the first seasons again. I'm always asking, "Who's that?" "What happened to that guy?" etc. and Hubby is usually just as clueless. We can't even keep track of what happened last season, and it was just this fall! The scene in the train store...Sigh!