Sunday, June 03, 2007


Jenny Gardiner and me. John "turn the camera the other way" Robison and me. Bella Stander (elegant, and tall in the red shirt) at the Kensington Booth where Kim Reid (seated, shown signing her book) took the booth by storm and generated such buzz!

I'm still reeling from attending BEA, Book Expo America. I spent time with John, Jenny Gardiner, Bella Stander, Carolyn Bass Burns and Kim Reid, whose book I'm now half way through and completely engrossed. I practically missed my train stop because I was in Atlanta in 1979 for 80 minutes!

Go to to learn about her Memoir on growing up with Mom who was on the Wayne Williams child murder cases in Atlanta in the late 70's.

I met more Backspacers, got an ARC of LOTTERY, met super agent Janet Reid who very kindly had pulled a brochure on autism and was hoping to run into me - and lo and behold she did! That's was uber-karma in my book.

I chatted with several of the good people at Crown about John's book and purchasing power/word of mouth momentum in the autism community.

I met a wonderful editor at St. Martin's who works with (drumroll please) my writing idol Janet Evanovich. "Hi, Jen E.! Hugs to your beautiful son N and precious daughter J." We shared personal stories that make me feel so strongly that my book has great potential in exactly the way I'd hoped. I was quite blown away by meeting her for myriad reasons - all good.

I mentioned her to John and guess what? She works with his brother Augusten. Small world. Big publishers! LOL!

I came home and my husband and Mom had taken the girls for haircuts. Dinner was just coming off the grill. And I am still on cloud 9 after my fabulous day in NY.


Maureen McGowan said...

I'm in awe of your networking abilities, Kim!! Great job. Sounds like BEA was a lot of fun and also very productive in terms of contacts.

Anissa said...

You met Super Jen? How cool is that? It sounds like you had a great time. Good for you. :)

Jaye Wells said...

Oh man, I can practically feel the energy coming off this entry. Sounds like a great time

Kim Stagliano said...

Maureen, it's not really networking - it's just an organic way of meeting and greeting as far as I can see. Networking to me implies trying to hook up with people for the purpose of promoting yourself - and that's certainly a good thing. I'm all for self promotion. But I've found that my writing and my platform and I suppose my voice have just naturally connected me to people (or I hope helped people connect with me.) It's been a most interesting progression for me. And I'm grateful.

Tena said...

So cool!

I think I have a crush on John Robison :-)

Stephen Parrish said...

If I thought you'd set out to make me envious (and I know you didn't) I'd congratulate you on your success. What a trip---literally and figuratively.

Manic Mom said...

I am soooo jealous!


And, since you already read The Lottery, can you send me your ARC.

I'm such a pimpslut, aren't I?

You are on your way to publishdom, I am so sure of it Kim! Way to network!

Manic Mom said...

And, I'm still wondering if Janet Reid (is/was) Miss Snark???

She wasn't walking around with a pail of gin, Killer Yap, and a life-sized cut-out of Clooney was she?

Nah, that'd be a dead giveaway to Snarkism.

Kim Stagliano said...

Janet Reid = Miss Snark? I'd have no idea - no hint of the juniper plant coming from her. Flat comfy black shoes. And she was awfully nice - didn't shred me at all. Miss Snark is Miss Snark. Ms. Reid is Ms. Reid. I can't connect any dots at all. Sorry!

No you may not have my ARC of Lottery. I love you dearly. Still no.

And it wasn't networking - it was floating on air just enjoying seeing everyone and soaking it all in.


Drama Mama said...

You deserve every last bit of this.

Drink it up.

That John Robison is sure a hunk. I mean, literally. He dwarfs everyone.

And you are such a young and lovely author/mother. Hard to believe you have 3 kids!

Tena said...

Connecting dots:

Google "Miss Snark true indentity" and follow the trail. It would seem to lead to one person.

I have always believe that Miss Snark, whomever she is, is a pussycat at heart.

Kim blocks her ears said...

Tena, as I said, I don't CARE who was Miss Snark. Could have been several agents who pooled their time. I've heard it was Dan Lazar. Yes, I've heard the JR connection too. The beauty of Snark to me was in NOT knowing who she was - just enjoying her blog. IF someone had outed "her" I;d have blocked my ears and sung LA LA LA! as loud as I could to avoid hearing it.

irene said...

So glad to hear you had a wonderful time! Okay, I'm totally clueless about this "Snark" person.

Maureen McGowan said...

Kim, I didn't mean to make you sound calculated or anything. Networking is a word that has a negative connotation in some circles, I guess... but I didn't mean it like that. What I think of networking is exactly what you've described. Getting out there. Meeting people.
Can't wait to meet you some day!

Kimulated said...

Oh I can be quite calculating! LOL! You should see the shameless plug I just ran on the comment trail over at Huffington Post - about my event Thursday night.

I know what you meant - really. And yet this day just felt so easy to me. Sure, I was networking. But with so much fun and excitement it felt "easier."


Tena said...

Buckle up and go to

KS said...

Anissa, yes! And last night, as I was rereading Twelve Sharp there was the thanks from one JE to the other JE. "To SuperJen Enderlin" I swooned. Truly.

Carolyn Burns Bass said...

Kim. What a blast it was hanging with you and Jenny at BEA. I recognize that well-posed photo of you and Jen in front of the Puff poster. I am sure we got a book auction going for you and I can't wait to hear when the auctioneer yells sold and the deal is announced. You're a star.

Kim Stagliano said...

Carolyn, we worked hard for that photo, didn't we? Not sure about an auction - no one knocking quite yet. I'm not greedy = just one very very very very very good deal will be A-OK. ;)

You are a powerhouse of promotions by the way. And I love your title.

ORION said...

Too too sad to have missed BEA.
Miss Snark was really a precocious 13 year old boy who attended a private school in Massachusetts and cross dressed. He had to stop blogging when his parents lost all their money and sent him to public school.
He is now in therapy and no longer precocious.