Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Roscoe Orman Sesame Street Dad and Autism Mom

I forgot to blog the biggest thrill of BEA! Jenny Gardiner and I were walking down an aisle when I noticed an African American woman wearing a beautiful head... (thinking, thinking, please help me) head piece (is that the right word?) You know, an African-style head wrap. There, that's the word. Head wrap. It was red with gold and just gorgeous. And it matched her long dress. I turned. I looked at her face. I froze. IT WAS SUSAN FROM SESAME STREET! Dr. Loretta Long herself.

Reeling, I glance at the gentleman standing with her. Tall. Very handsome. Fit as a fiddle. Mustache. And often seen standing with a small furry red monster who giggles. IT WAS GORDON! SUSAN'S HUSBAND! The actor Roscoe Orman.

We are a Sesame Street family. My Mia's first word was GROVER which came out "Ober." Grover nursed her through seizures. Traveled everywhere with us. Got lost at WalMart once in PA and morphed into "G2" unbeknownst to Mia (I made a mad dash to Zany Brainy and bought a replacement. Thank God G1 wasn't too worn out at the time so the muppet in the iron mask trick fooled her.)

I can't describe how much that show means to me. Heck, I watched the first episode in 1969 at Dominican Academy in Plainville, Mass in first grade. I tried to describe it to Roscoe and Loretta. I'm certain spittle and flailing arms were involved. I told them about the girls and that I'd met "Gordon" in Cleveland at a Sesame Street event in 2000. He said "Your face looks familiar." Must have been my shit eating grin and bulging eyes - GORDON! SUSAN!

I managed to stop myself before I begged for a photo (stupid me!) Before I left I told Roscoe I had loved his cameo on Sex and the City. Today I am buying his book. If you enjoyed Sesame Street pick up a copy - SUNNY DAY!!!


irene said...

How fun! We love Sesame Street! Who doesn't? Well, nevermind, I'm sure someone doesn't. Anyway, I react the same way around all the celebs I run into here in small college town, TX. Do I talk? Do stare? Do I ask for autographs? Ahhhh!!

Holly Kennedy said...

Kim, this is so fun. What a great trip to the BEA you had and what a cool thing to run into these two actors from Sesame Street. The moment I saw the photo, I KNEW who they were, but I NEVER would've recognized them in person. You're one sharp cookie, girl!!!

Kim Stagliano said...

Holly - I see their faces EVERY DAY in my house. I mean we are addicted to "The Street." Myself included. Gabby and Miles just graduated from high school! Miles is Gordon's adopted son. GAbby is Maria and Luis' daughter - and perhaps they are the heirs apparent for the show? The muppet never age but the people do. I'll be saddest of all if Sesame Street ever goes away. I'd skip the last episode of the Sopranos if I could get a promise that Sesame Street will never leave TV. They have brought so much joy, learning and comfort to us. When Mia used to have seizures I'd play "SING" softly on a CD in her room so when she woke she'd hear comforting music. And if I need to make her smile,(like for a photo) I belt out a Sesame Street song and she bursts into a grin. I wish I could spend a week with the adult cast members to tell them how much they help kids with autism.

Amanda said...

Kimbo! something has crossed the ocean and links us at last! How much have my girls learned from "Elmo blue" AKA sesame street Elmo's pre-school pc game?! We don't get sesame street on tv but our house has more than a smattering of videos - sesame street on tap! We LOVE Elmo in grouchland and have branched out into muppets films.
Interestingly, it's the fact that the faces don't move that makes them so popular to autistic kids, it's the same for teletubbies, thomas the tank engine, tweenies, postman pat etc. Tried mine on The Herbs and Clangers which were also a hit but I think they are a Brit thing...

Arms Akimbo said...

Oh Amanda, you silly goose. You love your kid(s), yes? So do I. There. We're like sisters. And the only person to ever call me Kimbo is my Dad! Sure beats some of the other names I've read about me "elsewhere."

Michelle O'Neil said...

Oprah once had the guy who does Elmo on her show. I couldn't get to the TV in time and the kids saw "the man behind the puppet." I was was afriad the magic would be ruined. They watched, and after Riley said, "That guy, he had an Elmo puppet. He was pretending to be Elmo."

Seth said, "Yeah" and they both shook their heads as if saying, "How silly of him."

Holly Kennedy said...

Kim, that's amazing.
And very touching.

No wonder they
(and the show)
mean so much to you.

Laura said...

I love "The Street", too! How exciting to get to meet "Susan" and Gordon! I love how the show has progressed over the years. I loved it as a kid, and it's still fun to watch as an adult with my kids. And Gordon gets to do "Trash Gordon" at the end of every ep now! :) I have the old Fisher Price Little People Sesame Street brownstone, too! I LOVE that toy, and my boys do, too!