Friday, July 04, 2008

Why I write. Or, "Janet Evanovich is a Goddess."

I write fiction - no, really, I do. You just haven't SEEN any of it because.... Well, because writing fiction, a book that an agent really thinks he can sell, in a preposterously difficult market (women's fiction, debut) is about a million times more challenging than I realized, when I typed my first sentence back in Spring of 2005. The first draft took me three months. The version I am about to email to my agent is vvveeeerrrryyyy different. And far better. Amazing what a professional (that would be the agent) can do for a newbie who is greener than Kermit's behind.

My writing mentor (not that she'd know me from a hole in Stephanie Plum's spandex shorts) is Janet Evanovich. She's the author of the fourteen "Stephanie Plum" books, thirteen of which I have devoured, savored, re-read and looked forward to, for many years. Number fourteen is on order from Amazon.

If you haven't read the Plum books, start with, "One for the Money" and work your way up to "Fearless Fourteen."


ORION said...

I know she's so fun to read!
So many cruisers here are addicted to her...

loveconquersall said...

She is so much fun to read.
Easy on the brain, for us autism moms. Love to escape to her world.

Are you a Ranger fan or Joe fan??

Kim Stagliano said...

Ranger or Joe... Boy, that's a toughie. Joe is taller - 6'. But Ranger sounds so delicious. Joe is Italian. But Ranger has those fabulous black cars. I'll take the Cayenne. Hmmmm..... How about an even day odd day Sundays off with an ice pack? LOL!