Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mike_mcconnell_2Meet Mike McConnell of 700WLW radio in Cincinnati.

I've reprinted this from Age of Autism about a talk show host who suggests we take our autistic kids out of restaurants. And his listeners suggest we take them out of school and basically the world. What a putz. Tom Lewis, wrote this post, not I.

On his July 14 program, Cincinnati radio talk show host Mike McConnell (of AM powerhouse WLW) addressed the topic of autistic kids. Among other things, McConnell opines that parents with autistic children should immediately remove misbehaving children from restaurants so the remaining patrons can enjoy their meal. ("Misbehavior" apparently means anything from mild crying on up.)

As McConnell put it: "it boils down to one word: 'manners'."

Find the podcast for Mike McConnell's 7/14 broadcast HERE and listen to the end of hour 2 and throughout hour 3. About 10 minutes into hour 3, this clearly ignorant host begins to pontificate about how we should not have our kids mainstreamed into public schools. Also, many callers have disturbing insights. One even claims to have friends with an autistic child but chooses not to go out with them because the child’s behavior upsets him.

Every single day, there's a story somewhere about one of our kids being tossed out of a business, or a school, or a church. It's like being punk-slapped over and over and over again. Well, I think we need to start making it clear that we're not going away, and that we have rights too. And we have long memories. We won't forget those who have treated our children well, or those who have hurt them or turned them away.

Please tell this dolt how you feel about his comments. E-mail him at

McConnell's boss at WLW is Program Director Darryl Parks. Tell him what you think at

Finally, WLW is owned by Clear Channel. The head of Communications/Media Relations is Lisa Dollinger, who can be reached at

Tom Lewis is a Cincinnati, OH editor and writer with three children,
one of whom is on the spectrum.


Stephen Parrish said...

I wrote to all three addresses and expressed my opinion of Mike McConnell. The language I used makes it unlikely anyone will be writing back.

Kim Stagliano said...

Thank you, Stephen. No one would say boo if our kids were in wheelchairs or otherwise profoundly disabled. Yeah, our kids are prone to tantrums. Trust me, we parents make a concerted EFFORT to get them out - otherwise the world will not know they exist and when they become adults and I AM DEAD WHAT THE FUCK WILL HAPPEN TO MY KIDS IF THE WORLD DOESN'T KNOW THEM??

Well, that one got away from me.

Anonymous said...


No public restaurant time for you Missy!

loveconquersall said...

People are trying to ignore that there is a PROBLEM.
We have been told to shut up about our kids being poisoned. Now we are being told to get them out of society.
It doesn't surprise me in the least.
Our priorities are seriously SERIOUSLY disfigured in this country.
This is what happens when children are poisoned as babies.
If you don't like it...perhaps you should tell the CDC, the IOM and the AAP. Don't blame the parents that are trying to keep their family together, pay the bills and raise their altered children.

F!!! This just pisses me off.

Michelle O'Neil said...


Petra said...

Mike McConnell is a jack-ass. Plain and simple.

So here we are told how important it is to teach life/social skills to our kids. In fact, a lot of time is spent in school on drilling our kids on those skills. Now how the hell are our kids supposed to practice what they've learned (so that hopefully at some point they can generalize those skills) if we can't bring our kids out into the community????

To all those people whose delicate hearing and sight might be offended by my kiddo having a meltdown, I say F U. I'm offended by their total lack of compassion and empathy. I'm offended by their 'me, me, me and only me' attitude.

My boys and I are going all kinds of places and they better get used to it (and trust me, they don't want to mess with this momma).

Anonymous said...



Where have you been hiding?

Amanda said...

What about the children who are "normal" who create more mayhem than any autistic kid? Too furious to write coherently just now

Petra said...

Kelli Ann:

Well, it's nice to be missed (I guess... LOL)

It's been crazy here.. Three tough work assignments due at the same time (two done now, TG), heat exhaustion (me), metabolic crash in my older boy that he is only slowly recouping from (he's a mito kiddo), the *usual* summer camp/school shenanigans.... blah blah blah..

So I've been *hiding* in "life as usual with a few twists".

And Amanda? Absolutely.. on good days (and we have many more good days these days), my two are far, far, far, far, far better behaved than the average NT kid (whose parents are typically too damn busy leading their own selfish lives to be bothered with teaching their kid a few things..)

drama mama said...

That's it.

That' the f*cking end.

I quit.


(Sorry to sully your site, Kim)

Josh Day said...

Amanda, I was thinking the same thing. And how often does one see THAT? Especially in regards to the parents who think it's "cute" or just couldn't care less when their spoiled brats tear apart a toy store or go to town in a restaurant.

StagFuckingMom ;) said...

Drama, I believe I sullied my own comment trail first. Have at it. Sometimes only the F bomb will do. I'm no PollyAnna!

Laura said...

Jackass. Putz. Douchebag. See, I didn't even use the F word! I was thinking the same thing. Hutton is great in restaurants 99% of the time. He's usually better behaved than my NT son! Hutton usually has more trouble in public bathrooms, where it's always loud, with the toilets and hand dryers.

And he doesn't want our kids mainstreamed? What the fuck is wrong with this guy? Ooops, there's that f word.

Cyndi said...

Check this out...

= asshole Michael Savage

Amanda said...

I have collected my thoughts and let them have it with both barrels.

Amanda said...

SP, I waited until my thoughts had cleared and here's what they wrote back


Thank you for your thoughts and comments. I will bring your concerns to
Mike's attention.

Darryl Parks

Anonymous said...

Mike is a great host and is always spot on in his thoughts. Keep on listening to this great radio guys and you might learn something.