Monday, July 21, 2008

Girls! Girls! Girls!

We had a ball at Miss G's birthday party on Friday evening. You know your kids are getting older when the party starts at 5pm! Gianna has the most wonderful group of friends. These are all typical peers. Girls going into sixth grade. The pool is a great equalizer. If you can swim and splash and laugh, you're just one of the girls. What a great party. Miss G. was thrilled. I was even thrilled'er. Truly.


pixiemama said...

cheers! to successful birthday parties at any and all ages!

Anonymous said...


What a great pic.

So, that's Miss G sitting on the very left with Bella in the green suit and Mia next to you standing on the end?

You all looked like you had a blast!

Amy said...

That looks like a rock star backyard! Glad everyone had a good time!

Amanda said...

I can see why you moved - great garden!!

SOOOO thrilled you had such a good time at the pool party. May it be the first of many

Kim Stagliano said...

Garden = backyard. Yes? :)