Thursday, July 17, 2008

They're in the poooool!

Tomorrow we're having Gianna's birthday party. Our new house has a lovely (safely fenced) pool in the backyard. So, we're having a pool party. I sent about 15 invitations. I think I've gotten 5 RSVP's. I hear that's normal today. RSVP means, "please tell me if your child is coming so I can have enough food for everyone and not so much that it goes to waste." But PTMIYCICSICHEFFEBNSMTIGTW is a tad long.


Petra said...

Have a great time. I'm sure Ms. G will have a blast.

I hear you on the RSVP thing. Rude, rude, rude. But then again, it fits within the 'it's all about ME and what is easiest for ME' (and it is obviously easiest for ME to NOT pick up that phone and make a quick call) life style that most *outside* of our community live eh? (yes, I'm being cynical).

And it's also so much *fun* for those of us with spectrum kiddos that are a tad on the OCD side to NOT be able to answer the endless 'is so and so coming?' questions accurately..(as not getting a Yes/No answer means the question is going to get repeated again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again ..).

Alison said...

Most people don't think it through by putting themselves in the Host(ess)'s place. We're no longer raised with Emily Post in one hand and Miss Manners in the other. You can call the people who have not responded and nicely ask if you've missed their phone call.

Amy said...

oh I call when they don't call me to RSVP. "Did you get our invitation or did it get lost in the mail? Just wanted to check since I didn't hear from you"

I even put my email on the invite so people don't actually have to speak to me.

Anonymous said...

Hey StagWoman,

Unless one of your "babies" has morphed into a boy since the last pics you've posted (remember, completely possible -- think Bella/Camel), these are *not* the photos I've been waiting for; remember you promised when I was having a real bummer day you'd send pic of the girls!

Now, maybe it's a prelude to tomorrow where you'll be taking a lot of pics around the pool??

Oh, and since Rico is no longer the official P.B. you can pass on showing any pics of Rueben doing his infamous bellyflop routine.

Josh Day said...


For our 2005 wedding something like a half of the guests RSVP'ed. The rest either said something a week before, didn't show at all, or simply showed up (only two of those at least).

It was frustrating and very insulting.

Sad state of affairs when it's come to the point where you're shocked that someone rsvps in a timely fashion!

Have a blast at your party!

Holly Kennedy said...

I hope Ms. G has a complete blast at her party, Stag Lady. Sure is hot enough here in MA for a pool party. Whew!

drama mama said...

Petra's on to something. I think those of us with spectrummy kids are so aware of manners and feelings - the RSVP thing is just not important to those for whom kids and friendships is a birthright.

I hope you all have a fantastic time.

Amanda said...

I'd call them and ask what they're up to. They're Miss G's friends after all. We're lucky enough to have friends who let us know ahead of time and also ask what they need to bring...pudding, starter, wine...all of the above!!

Hope you have a great party and thrilled you have the weather for it

Amanda said...

Joshday, to not RSVP a wedding is outrageous!

Laura said...

Oh, the RSVP. Fun. Online ones should be even easier, you'd think - go online, click a box. Easy. Yet, anytime my book club sends out an evite, half don't even open it, let alone RSVP. Then, you're left thinking, "Well, if the three who RSVPed showed up, I'm fine. If anyone else shows up, they'll be drinking water and eating cereal." I think that's fair treatment, though!

I am paranoid about RSVPs since I'm so scatter-brained. The online ones I recheck over and over -- Did I remember? My friend is getting married next week, and a few weeks ago I totally freaked, thinking I'd forgotten to send my reply card (which was already stamped and addressed, of course). I couldn't find it in the mail pile, so I emailed her. She said I'd replied
already. Phew!

I hope the party goes well! Sounds fun! Though I'm a bit sad I didn't get an invite. Sob. Just kidding.