Thursday, July 03, 2008

UGH! Just moved on Monday. Will be back ASAP with a lovely, funny, informative blog post. Or a picture of my pool boy. Sit tight!


Petra said...

Chanting "Pool Boy, Pool Boy, Pool Boy).

No truly, please come back to us all soon. We miss you (and somebody's gotta keep Kelli Ann and me in line...)

Anonymous said...

Hey! It's not just the gals getting outa line!

Did you catch Keith's KY Jelly comment on AoA??

Rest my case.

Petra said...

Point taken..

(Keith DID make me laugh though...Although I would not EVER want to inadvertendly mix up a tube of KY Jelly with the tube of Authia cream shown in Kim's pic of her supplement cabinet!!!!!)

Jeanne said...

It was the "Related Videos" for Keith's link that got me... did you see those? LOL Very distracting.