Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can my Creativity in the Kitchen Match Food Prices?

Dang, food is getting awfully expensive! And since we eat a lot of GFCF and organic foods, we're especially atuned to already crazy pricey foods getting ridiculously marked in the stores.

On Sunday I made eggplant parmagiana. Yum. One batch for Mark and me, one for the kids, GFCF. That means no parmagiana for them. So sad! It's an easy recipe, I just substituted crushed Rice Chex and seasonings with a shake of GFCF flour for Italian breadcrumbs. The kids gobbled it up. I'll have to make large batches and freeze them for quick meals.

Today I bought 3 Raw Food chocolate/coconut bars. They cost $1.99 each. That's crazy. I can't spend $6.00 on a snack for the kids. I got the bars home and checked out out the ingredients, most of which I have in the house. I whipped up a batch in my blender (note, do NOT add the agave syrup before the nuts are crushed!) and then transferred it to my stand mixer. They are chilling in the fridge at about a quarter of the cost. Here's the recipe, using my typically "exact" measurements. That means Helen Keller is as likely to make a fine batch of this treat as you or I.....

1 cup raw almonds

1 cup raw walnuts

1 cup raw unsweetened coconut NO SULFITES!

1/4 cup flax seed

Place in food processor or blender. Crush to near death.

Put into stand mixer bowl

Squirt in agave syrup to make the nutty mix stick together (not a lot!)

Add a ton of cocoa. A real ton.

Mix mix mix mix until it's a dark brown clump (appetizing, yes?)

Layout waxed paper. I LOVE waxed paper. I feel very June Cleaver when I use it. Parchment runs a close second. I hate Saran wrap - chemical dreck. Aluminum foil? Only for my hats.

Place blob of brown on waxed paper

Cover with another piece

Roll out to 1/2" thick with rolling pin

I use a technique called, "stomach trapping" to hold the paper in place. Lay the edge of the waxed paper over the counter, leaaaann into it with your gut to hold it in place while you roll the roller back and forth. Fantasize for a brief moment about who you would like to brain with the roller.




Use your savings to buy your favorite libation.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kim,
I don't know how you find the time! I'm a big fan of and I was thrilled to find your blog. I know I'm getting all the news that I want just by reading AOA religiously. It is a huge service. My son is also GFCF (and corn,soy and bananas too). His recovery is enough to keep me going but AOA and your blog are definitely boost my spirits when the going gets tough.

Kim Stagliano said...

Why thank you! That's awfully nice of you to say. I love running A of A - it's a joy. My Kim blog is also a joy, but more of a "I am also a human being, not just an autism advocate" kind of joy. I think it's important for my readers to know me as a person, not just a set of opinions or perspectives on autism. Even people who reaaaaly disagree with my autism ideas enjoy my blog and I think, as they realize I'm a half decent person, that helps close the gaps in our community.

Come on back! :)


pixiemama said...

I enjoy both, Kim, and soon I will enjoy this recipe. The last one, sadly, did not pass the test with the texture police - thinking this one will be closer to acceptable. And how about that?! How often do you end up eating the food that your children snub? In so many families, moms are finishing plates of blue-box mac & chee, while we eat chocolate-flavored, pureed pumpkin, because we spend so much money on food that we can't let it go to waste.

I promise - I will post my wonder-muffin recipe sometime soon.

K Fuller said...

I have also recently found your blog through the AOA site. I find you as humorous as Erma Bombeck(that shows my age).
My Autistic son may eat this chocolate recipe and I know my 22 year old daughter will love it, as she eats vegan.
Thanks for your intelligence on the AOA site and your humor on this site

Laura said...

Those look good, Kim, and now I totally want eggplant! I think I'm the only one in my family who'd eat it, though. :( I'll have to try it on the kids some day, but they're pretty picky with new foods, unfortunately (especially the NT guy!) Guess that's how I was as a child, too, though, so payback's a...mother, like myself.

I hear you on the the food prices. I spend so much when I go to the local place for gluten-free and organic stuff. That's probably why I tend to make the same boring stuff -- too much money to buy new things if the boys won't eat it!


Anonymous said...

Fantasize for a brief moment about who you would like to brain with the roller.




Okay. Like I'm totally hoping the first sentence does *not* correspond to the next three words, right??

Unless of course, you're trying out your next novel plot on us to see how it flies??

BTW: Do you want my roller pin clobbering list now or later?

K Fuller said...

I just wanted you to know that I made this recipe today. A minor hit with my Autistic son,He did eat 3 pretty big bites. I will offer more tomorrow. It is a big hit with my Vegan 23 year old daughter and the rest of the gang.
Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kim,

We've been on the diet for almost three years now. On Halloween, I carry GFCF treats and quickly substitute them for the snickers in my son's goody bag. Yesterday, at Whole Foods, I found a much needed new item - GFCF gummy bears. They are also corn, soy and artificial coloring free. I was so happy. They don't taste exactly like the regular gummies but they look very similar and taste good. If you or your readers are interested, it's Annie's Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks Tropical Treat. FYI, I have no connection to Annie's or WF (other than the huge amount of money I spend there).

Best wishes,
Gail C.