Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Why are our children so violent? Something is very, very wrong.

A 13 year old boy in a suburb of Cleveland got angry at his mother. His 16 year old brother intervened. The 13 year old stabbed his brother, plunging a letter opener 3" into his skull.

Our children are sick in alarming numbers. This is not normal behavior. In fact, I don't think it's "behavior" at all. It is a sign of a sick body, not a sick mind. This isn't "garden variety crazy." It's explosive, uncontrolled anger (one of the symptoms of metal poisoning by the way.)

Is it the lead that we are learning is everywhere, in every kids toy? Is it the chemicals kids eat masquerading as food? Is it the toxins like formaldehyde, aluminum and antifreeze found in vaccines? Is it the air, laden with mercury from the coal burning plants in China whose pollution drifts across the globe? Is it the water, full of drugs and antibiotics and chemicals? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO OUR KIDS???

HERE's the article. Read it and weep. For the children.


amanda said...

There does seem to be a never ending stream of this sort of occurance, and it's not just USA I'm afraid to say. I have a feeling it is as a result of the soup of chemicas we immerse kids in - so called foodstuffs, air pollution, water pollution - it's everywhere. Take heart in the fact it's not every kid going this way so there must be another factor at work, somewhere, somehow.

Kim Stagliano said...

Are you up eating the kids' Halloween candy? :) Go to SLEEP!

13 said...
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Stephen Parrish said...

If the cause is poisonous chemicals associated with toys, food, etc., they would presumably affect girls too. But I haven't seen any recent increase in girls stabbing their brothers or going postal in high schools. I suspect any recent increase in child violence is the result of social and cultural factors rather than chemicals.

amanda said...

Hi Matt, just read your comment about food and adults on the spectrum. I have two girls with severe autism (amongst other things!) and we have had a great deal of sucess with dietry interventions. Think of it in car terms - you don't put diesel in a sports car do you? In our house we avoid all artificial ingredients (so if I don't recognise the name we don't eat it basicly.) Also daughter no.2 has a low casien intake as this sends her extra loopy. I know a lot of people, Kim included, have had ongoing success with the GFCF diet and we used that when the girls were small but they have now matured enough to handle the protiens as along as we don't over do it which makes life SO much easier. There are all kinds of supplements that people find useful and I think you have to just try one at a time (or you won't know if it worked!) and see what helps you. The greatest thing for us, including me and hubby, is avoiding artificial ingredients. If the kids do eat it it's a case of light blue touch paper and retire...give it a go, it's not just a kid thing - after all, too many doughnuts make you fat however old you are!

Kim Stagliano said...

Stephen, the girls violence rate has increase markedly here too. On a different scale. Incarcerations are way up. And boys tend to be given psychiatric drugs at a greater rate than girls. So they are already at a chemical disadvantage from the inside out. I'd like to see the stats on how many school shooters had been on Ritalin or its cousins and for how long prior to their outburst.


Kim Stagliano said...

Matt, just as an adult with GI issues can find out he/she has celiac disease and go off gluten with great results, so could an adult on the spectrum implement the changes and see how you feel. Go to to see their "how to" for the diet. And feel free to email me offlist anytime. KimStagliano at g mail

13 said...
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Kim Stagliano said...

Kinikinkick makes GREAT gluten free donuts! :) Eat up 13!

I'm trying to avoid the Halloween candy. I'll be tossing it in the trash before noon. Either that or I'll gobble it up.

Perspectivae (we're female and that's the female, nominative plural ending.)

Adults have been overlooked because it's parents of kids primarily under 20 who have been able to learn about the diet as the Internet has exploded and parent based groups have started. NAAR was run by psychiatrists and is now Autism Speaks = you can't expect them to discuss diet. It's not in their mindset. TACA, NAA and so many others were founded by MOMs and DADs who saw changes in their kids and demanded to learn more, so they self-taught. Having no where else to go. Even Autism Society of America had little to offer regarding treatment.

So you haven't missed the boat, 13/Matt, you're welcome to don a lifevest and settle in next to the rest of us.

IF docs can give freaking Viagra to an 85 year old man I should hope they'd realize that adults in all areas deserve proper care.

Lord, off my soapbox now! Much to today, starting with cleaning bathrooms. Ah the glamorous life I lead!

Michelle O'Neil said...

And this is where I laugh at the people who think "it doesn't affect me."

It's going to affect everyone in one way or another. Whether your child is ill, on the recieving end of such ill behavior, or it's your taxes paying for the juvenile homes and jails.

No one gets off scott free in this.

amanda said...

Matt you might find some useful info at - that's the food and behaviour research charity based in Inverness Scotland. They have all the most upto date studies, results and info and are really helpful. you can email them at