Sunday, October 14, 2007

Home! Even my broom and dustpan look good to me. Orlando was great. But Florida is like another country to me. So flat! So perfect! So green and lush and palm treeish. Everything in the Disney area is manicured to within an inch of reality. Man it felt good to land in Newark! (Yes, I realize I am demented.) Even the oil tanks looked like home.

The trip was lots of fun. I'll have photos tomorrow. The kids had a ball. GrandE (my Mom) had fun and was a huge help. Mark slogged his way through the parks and wore his iPod at the pool to maintain his sense of peace.

I spent the week in "Cyborg mode." You know the 1950's robots that had the red eye that just went left to right to left to right? That was Kim. My kids are slippery. Mia escaped into the hotel one day one. 2000 rooms. Several wings. About a million acres. Six pools. One lost girl with autism. Guess who found her? My new hero: Carol Taylor of Liberty, Missouri. She spotted Mia in an elevator pressing the same button and repeating "7,7,7,7," and because Carol has a grandson with autism, she knew. She just knew. That was our excitement. The rest of the trip was really great (Except for a blip where Mia slipped into the crowd in Newark airport yesterday.) Minor heart attack on that one, but we survived.

Today we put away the summer clothes and get ready for the school week.

More tomorrow!


Stephen Parrish said...

'Bout time. Blogland just isn't the same without you.

amanda said...

Took three away, brought three back?? WELL DONE KIM! Now you can have a break, and a beer - you deserve it!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Mama "Mia!"

I'm glad you're back!

Drama Mama said...

Oy. Love Grandma Carol. We're everywhere, aren't we?

Can't wait to hear the deets, and congrats on bringing all home, safe and sound.

We totally missed you.

The Muse said...

It sounds like you had a good time. Glad you're all back safely. I lost Chazz at Disney once briefly. Total panic! Just consider it a little cardio workout! Although I'm sure your heart skipped a beat. Mama Mia is right!

Niksmom said...

Whew! SO glad you ALL made it home. Hey, they say Disney is one of the most exciting places on earth...hahahahahahah! Grandma Carol? Definitely a hero!

Irene said...

Hooray! Can't wait to see the pics. I thought you'd like to know that my husband (teaches high school spanish) makes it a point to share "life with autism" tid bits with his students. He read to them about your prep for the trip and they were quite in awe. Thanks for sharing, it makes a difference.