Friday, October 19, 2007

From the Springsteen Show, MSG, last night.
As a tribute to friend Peter Boyle, who passed away last year, Bruce played "Meeting Across the River" and then went straight into "Jungleland." Amazing. He also played my all time favorites, "Candy's Room" and "Promised Land." The new songs rocked, including opener "Radio Nowhere" with it's great line bashing the poor excuse for music today, "I just want to hear some rhythm!" The band looks fantastic. Fit and trim. Little Steve (Syl!) had his trademark scarf. Patti Scialfa was gorgeous. We were behind the stage and had an unobstructed view of Bruce's still good looking derriere. There's nothing like hearing "The Rising" in NYC, written after 9/11. Bruce in NYC has a special energy and passion. I'm sure it's the same at The Meadowlands of course. Fun. Fun. Fun.


jenny gardiner said...

Meeting Across the River and Jungleland? Two of my most favorite Bruce songs. Oh, twinges of jealousy are racking my body as I type. YOU SAW BRUCE!!!!! I LOVE Bruce!!!
1976 Stanley Theater. Front row. He jumped OVER us (WTF??? Not in our laps???) dammit. Into the freaking 3rd row. We had the best tickets--he was supposed to be in our row! Oh well, touched Clarence Clemmons pants instead ;-)
I can't imagine how much fun it would be to go to a Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band concert now. Oh, let them come to Charlottesville, let them come to Charlottesville, let them come to Charlottesville!
Did I mention we're going to Sting and the Police in November? Can't wait!
And saw Maroon 5 last week. My daughter just called me squealing--she's at Atlantis and they were walking and who was going to their rooms but Maroon 5?! So they had their pics taken w/ the band...

Michelle O'Neil said...

Happy Anniversary!

Glad you had fun with Bruce.

You da coolest.

Anonymous said...

It's like going to a revival!...everyone is so nice and happy!! Did he sing Backstreets!? Last time I saw him, I was pregnant and I pulled my shirt up (to expose baby only) and sang and danced. Pure bliss.
Hope your enjoyed yourself...Happy Anniversary!

Alex said...

Just saw Bruce in Chicago last night; he did "Thundercrack!" I never, ever thought I'd hear that one live.

Wade Rankin said...

Saw them in Chicago as well. I was in heaven when I heard Mighty Max starting out the beat to "She's the One."