Thursday, October 18, 2007

12:48am -- Amazing show! Photos later this "morning."

Madison Square Garden. Tonight. Can't wait.


Drama Mama said...

You know who I love the most?

Little Stevie "Silvio Dante" Van Zandt. I can't separate The Sopranos and the E Street Band anymore.

Have a great time!

Kim Stagliano said...

And there he is in the photo. Isn't he great? I feel the same way.

Any word from Shithead Sue?

Michelle O'Neil said...

Have fun Kim!

Ahvarahn said...

Remember that Dancin' in the Dark video, when he pulled someone from the audience to dance the dancing in the dark, and it just happened to be a young Courtney Cox? Hope that's you tonight (bring your 80's gear and legwarmers)!

Kim Stagliano said...

LOL! He'd better have LONG arms to reach out seats! The setlist is fabulous. I've been tuning out to Sirius 10 all day - The Bruce Channel. Howard Stern is going to be at the show tonight too. We have similar hair. I'm guessing he has better seats too. We'd have paid top dollar but they sell out so fast - we're close but kitty corner behind the stage. I don't care, I'm just happy to be seeing Bruce.


Jenny said...

Have fun!

Ahvarahn said...

Is Howard on Sirius any use? I liked his Private Parts movie, and always thought that the suggestion, the innuendo, is what made him funny on the regular radio radio.

Now that he can say _____, and you great big ______r, and _______ my ______n’ _______ with ________ you ________, with all the blanks filled in, I’m not sure how it would have the same appeal.

Anyway, if you happen to see Howard, from your kitty korner seats, tell him he’s a _______ ________r, but I like him.

One day you’ll have the Howard-seats, you’ll see. But till then, tramps like us baby, etc

Drama Mama said...

Shithead Sue is waiting for the IEP and assessment records. Which I am taking my sweet time in sending. I am going to another school tour this weekend that would be DELIGHTED to have us and who has quite a few Aspergians among their alumnae. I know. I taught them.
Wish me luck.

Trish Ryan said...

Have fun, and report back with all the details!!!

Ahvarahn said...

Jacob Allen is back.
The Red Sox might make it.
and Springsteen sings sha la lala la la.

ORION said...

Oh LUCKY girl!!
PS (John wants you to call!)