Sunday, October 28, 2007

Battle of the Beer Babes

Have you seen the ever so slightly disturbing Heineken ads with the Ke'girl who gives birth (a la Alien) to a keg of beer? Ah the perfect woman! After she gives you a hand job her hand turns into a bottle opener! (Mind your timing, Ke'girl, don't want to snap off your man's tap, now do you?)

Makes a beer swilling boy pine for this gal, doesn't it. She'll serve you cold one, not rip you a new one.

In the real battle of the beer babes though, my money is on one girl and one girl alone. Elvira.


Amanda is far enough away not to get hit said...

So, as you've been sitting on your behind watching crap tv ads, (yet another reason to avoid USA) I assume your pledge to be down to a 10 minute mile by Halloween is on the back burner? How's it going?

13 said...
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Kim Stagliano said...

13 - LOL! The Toasters, eh? Yeah, just remember, if one comes at you, immediately press the CANCEL button. Works every time.

Amanda, - um, I got nothing.... Nothing. But Halloween candy and I will pick up the pace for a piece of candy.

amanda said...

August "Twelve minute mile? Just call me this..."

amanda said...

OK, I have just seen a more rubbish, well, maybe not rubbish - more unconnected ad than the beer ones you have. It has a gorilla sitting at a set of drums listening to Phil Collins "I can feel it coming in the air tonight..." and then he joins in at the drum bit, you know douf! douf!dododouf! And that's it. He just keeps on playing the drums - quite well as it goes - and can you guess what the ad is for? It just comes up as a strapline at the bottom of the screen and a picture of the product. Guess yet? Cadbury's Chocolate!! What the hell has a drumming gorilla got to do with Chocolate? Come to think of it, what has a drumming gorilla got to do with anything??