Tuesday, October 02, 2007

To my Irish Friend in Boston - check out THIS sale on Jaffa cakes at The Vermont Country Store!


Ahvarahn said...

Oh I have been out of sorts for a bit but I'm back with new bellybutton and T'da! a virtual linky present! marvelous things they are, i'm ready to stock up for the holiday season.

That new pakaging could keep them pretty fresh too. Besides, after eating as many as I can, I could maybe fashion my own hubble telescope from the leftover tubes.

thanks for thinking about me!

amanda the jaffa magnate said...

$14?????!!! Dear God!! Have just got my jaw off the floor and had a great idea - I'll take orders for Jaffa cakes and ship them for $10 a packet. That makes them a bargain and the fact that they cost about 79p in Tesco has nothing to do with it.

KIM S said...

Amanda, it might be an American size packet - that means SUPERSIZED. Maybe?

Ahvarahn, enjoy! And enjoy the view of the night sky. Very funny!

amanda said...

That's still either expensive or one hell of a packet of jaffas.