Tuesday, October 16, 2007

D'oh! I'll be speaking HERE on Sunday at 2:00pm. Not about gynecologists practicing their love. Not about the evil-doers. Even though I am the decider. I'll be reading my chapter from a forthcoming anthology on autism and fielding questions about writing along with the fabulous Barbara Fischkin.
Geez, I hope I do a "Heckuva job, Kimmie!"


drama mama said...

Wish I could be there.

Break a leg!

Stephen Parrish said...

This is a big achievement for you Kim, and you ought to be proud of the achievements that you have achieved.

Wish I could be there too.

Laura said...

Yay! Go Kimbuhly!

Michelle O. said...

Go Kim!

Christine said...

Hey Girl-

Thanks for coming and have fun on the ferry.
This weekend is going to be an adventure.
You'll need another vacation- well, at least I do.
Looking forward to Sunday-