Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stagliano and Fischkin at the Long Island Autism Conference

NOTE: I am not a demon from hell, contary to the odd whites only eyes in my photo....

The conference was terrific. Organizer Christine Hereen is a miracle worker. There were nationally known presenters, a wide range of autism related vendors offering everything from books to HBOT chambers. There is a distinct Biomedical interventions feel to the conference, but it is not limited to Biomed in the least. Something for everyone.

I took the ferry from Bridgeport to Port Jefferson on Long Island instead of driving 94 miles into and then out of the city onto Long Island. What fun! Marky Mark had his girls for the two days. He took them out for dinner and even got them to 10:30 Mass! Rumor is their hair looked like hell though. He can do just about anything for them except twist up a ponytail.

Barbara Fishkin and I ran a breakout session about writing. I think many of us have a story to tell. Perhaps all of us. But how? We encouraged people to pitch their ideas to us and WOW! what great ideas we heard. Barbara and I have a similar style. "Seat of the pants." We both enjoy talking to people and I think our presentation went well. Especially when I encouraged the Dads to start reading mens' magazines like GQ, Esquire, Playboy and Penthouse for the articles, to decide where they could submit an essay. That got a big laugh.Here are some snaps:

Full Steam Ahead!

Stan Kurtz, parent of a recovered son

Port Jefferson NY

A beautiful reason NOT to travel a lot

Not the Ferry, but at Port Jefferson, NY

Really?? Cool.

Like leaving the inside of the Jupiter Two!

Kim and Barbara


John Elder Robison said...

I'm glad to hear it went well; I was sure it would for both of you.

I always liked that Port Jefferson ferry. I used to like to ride on the ramp at the very back but once I was back there in rough weather and a wave came aboard and almost pulled me off. Scared me and I stayed clear of the ramp after that.

I have not ridden it in a long time. Back in the KISS days I rode regularly going to Long Island.

Barbara Fischkin said...


I am writing this by the seat of my pants. You were great. I was especially grateful that you didn't volunteer me for an autism Mom's calendar, a la those women in England.

I heartily second everything you said about the conference and Christine. She really knows how to put together an educational "show" Dr. Elice of Long Island gave an extraordinary, informative and generous two hour lecture Sunday evening on many things bio-medical, which ended with some very sane and kind advice for parents.

Dan Olmsted is not only a great investigator but a wonderful storyteller as well.
xoxo B

PS Everybody Stay tuned for Nov 2 when Dan and John Gilmore of Autism United - and of course our beloved Kim -will be on a "Voices from the Long Island Autism Conference" segment on "Maverick Mama," my radio show on Autismone.org

Barbara Fischkin said...

And a thank you to John Robison, author of the bestselling Look Me In The Eye.

It's a great book for the multi-taskers among us. Read it and you learn not only about asperger's but about rock bands, too. And so much more!

The Muse said...

Hey Dr. Kim,

It sounds like it was a good conference. I'm sure that you and Barbara contributed a great deal and were very entertaining. That photo though! Scary. You look like the "Stepford Wives"!

Demon Hunter said...

Great, Kim. Glad everything went well. Congrats! Keep on truckin'! :*)

Kimelzebub said...

Oh Demon thank God you aren't hunting me! Don't I look like a Demon in that photo? LOL!

amanda said...

Kim you look like the guy who paints the future on "Heroes"!

Polly Kahl said...

Kim, your daughter is so beautiful, and that picture doesn't begin to do you justice.