Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lots to share! I spoke at the Long Island Autism Conference and had SO much fun and met fabulous people and slept in a hotel alone. More tomorrow. I have lots to write about. My husband is Crankasaurus Rex half an hour into the Indians Game. I was born and raised in Massachusetts. Spent 10 years in Cleveland though. Two kids born in Cleveland. But it looks like Cleveland doesn't have the experience or mojo to pull this off as of now. Mark is talking to his brother about the game from the next room. And Mark is usually DEAD ON in his sports analyses and predictions. The good news is he'll come to bed early! The bad news is I'm pretty tired from my trip and have a great new book to read.

Oh oh, he just said, "I'm gonna have agita in the next ten minutes." I'd better get the Pepto.

More tomorrow.


Michelle O'Neil said...

Riley informed me today that if the Tribe wins one more game, they'll be off to the world series.

I didn't know she knew a thing about sports.

She learned this at school.

Mom26children said...

Hi Kim,
My husband, born Connecticut, raised Brooklyn is still pissed off about the Mets.
I told him to "let it go"...I tell him this every year...
Let's hope the Jets make him proud.

amanda said...

I have no sympathy.

We lost to South Africa.

Enough said.

Kim Stagliano said...

Well, my hometown team kicked some Indian ass. Wow, kind of like the 1600's! Maybe they should rename the Red Sox the Pilgrims??

Mom26 = JETS? HA HA HA! When Mangini tattled like a baby on Belichik their mojo went into the toilet. The Pat's will kick the snot out of them later this season. Do you get WFAN on your computer? Listen in the am - 6:00Eastern. Boomer is on now, Lord I had such a crush on him in the 80's! Even the FAN trashes the Jets now.

Sports Talk on Kim's blog? Oy vey!

S. Africa? Hmmmm, what they threw rusks further than your guys threw scones? ;)

Drama Mama said...

I have never seen a sports game, know nothing about baseball or football, so reading this post was somewhat baffling.

What I DO want to say is...
you slept in a hotel room alone?

Describe, please...

Kim Stagliano said...

Oh Drama... Large bed. Corners tucked in and pillows in a row. Fresh towels. A TV that was not showing ESPN. Dry bathroom floor. Quiet. Quiet. Quiet. It was lovely. But I could never travel as much as Mark does - 75 - 90 nights a year. But I'll take 5 - 10 a year!

Amanda said...

Rusks?? Scones??? do the words RUGY WORLD CUP and DEFENDING CHAMPIONS mean NOTHING??

That's right, we beat the Aussies on their home turf last year but were unable to retain the title against the Springbok in Paris at the weekend.

Lewis Hamilton stuffed up at the F1 in Brasil so another sporting weekend down the pan for England.

Could you sleep in quiet? No kids up at silly o'clock? I woke up anyway when I went ot my Dad's wedding - I'm so used to it, I did it automatically!! still, it was nice to roll over and mutter "bloody Hell!" to myself without beeing lept on by an 8 yearold.