Monday, October 01, 2007

Dylan, sounded like drillin'

This photo is the biblical tower of Babel. I should have searched for a photo of ears with blood flowing out of them. You see, last night I had to pay Mark back for taking me to Tony Bennett by attending the Bob Dylan concert at the Bridgeport arena.

OH MY GOD. When was the last time the headlining act had people sitting in their seats like carps - mouths agape and then snickering. Snickering in derision at the performance? Well, last night to be exact. Bob Dylan, who is not known for his vocal clarity sounded like that kid from "The Shining" screaming RED RUM! over and over and over. He was horrible. His band was fantastic. The bluesy sound was phenomenal, until Bob opened his mouth.

I have a name for what we saw last night. "A CROAKISODE."

Elvis Costello opened for Dylan. He was all right, but his acoustic performance lacked the punk energy of his work with "The Attractions." Sorry, it's hard to rock out with just a guitar.

The highlight of the night was a well proportioned young man named AMOS LEE who set was fantastic. He plays a bluesy/rock with a hint of a Southern drawl and really, was just wonderful. If only HE had been singing the Dylan tunes.

We left early. Had to. The drillin' was harshing our mellow. Well, our second hand mellow. A fat guy in front of us sparked up a bone midway through the show. Lord he was obnoxious. Probably scammed the joint off his kid. And he did not turn around to exhale in my direction. Idiot.

I'll need that Springsteen show on the 18th at MSG to clear my ears out. (Racing in the Streets is playing on Sirius 10 if you're interested, by the way.)


dallasgirl said...

I got a free Bob Dylan download today from Starbucks. Want me to send it your way?

Kim Stagliano said...

Sure - or just run over a cat and send me a tape!

Laura said...

You're too funny, Kim! Sorry Drillin didn't do it for you. My fave local radio station puts out a CD every year with live songs on it, that is always a great compilation, and this year one is by Amos Lee. Elvis being boring is sad, though! I haven't listened to any of his newer stuff, but I guess he's mellowed with age. And the fat Doobie Brother - pass the kouchie, mon!

Polly Kahl said...

Dylan played in the Reading PA baseball stadium last summer and got boo'ed (sp?) and hissed all the way through. I was glad I wasn't there. Reports from other concerts around the country said the same thing. It saddens me that such a genius has either 1) fried out or 2) been so misunderstood. (I still haven't figured out which it is.)