Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kathy Labosh, Autism Mom, Author

I've been thinking about what it means to be an "Autism Mom."

ACTION. That's what it means.

For example, tonight I got an SOS from a mother of more than 4 but fewer than 7 kids with autism. A Ronald McDonald house had turned her down COLD for a stay in a large city in the SW so that she could get treatment for her children at a local therapy center.

The Clown's excuse? Too many kids! File that under "WTF Ronald, french fry grease finally gotten to you?" So much for Billions served. Another Autism Mom with more than 3 but fewer than 12 kids with autism has responded with a good option for housing. That's action, Autism Mom style.

And her option was better than mine, which was to call John McCain and ask to sleep in his guest room, or on that "Straight talk express" bus - I don't think he has enough money to gas it up these days so it's not like it's in use or anything. (Now you know the Ronald McDonald House was in Arizona...)

Same goes for Kathy Labosh. Another true Autism Mom. She sat down and wrote SEVERAL books for families with kids with autism. The books are full of helpful pointers and I think they'd be GREAT to give to teachers, babysitters, Grandpa and Grandma, anyone who spends time with kids with autism.

Oh, and she published them. And she promotes them. And I think that is just balls to the wall fantastic.

Here's a snap of her books. You can learn about her and order her books here. And look! She's cleverly included a blank spot at the bottom so you could put a sticker for your own school district or organization and use the books as a fund raiser! File THAT idea away for Autism Awareness Month next April!


Manic Mom said...

Balls to the wall baby! Love it! So fun talking with you today!

Kim the Blog owner said...

Is that a Boston term like "awnt" Manic? You too. Fun to talk books and writing. Hope the Times takes that piece! You have a spare guestroom I can use if they do? Not sure the reaction HERE.

ORION said...

Aloha Kim!
Good point!
Sometimes it takes balls to the wall to accomplish anything.

Amanda said...

They turned her down for having too many kids?? What the hell did they think she was going to do? Book into the local hilton? Hope she fed them all blue Smarties and turned up anyway!

Kim's Hair is Burnt said...

Honest to God, Amanda (welcome back, by the by!) Too many kids. She found wonderful accommodations at a Respite House about 17 miles outside of Phoenix where the head of the house also has a child with autism. But just one. Autism Moms to the RESCUE! Regardless of our differences in opinion on treatment, I think the majority of us would walk through fire for another autism Mom. Don't you?

Amanda said...

Have been suffering trial by flash flood - got caught in the car with the two kids and had to get them out through the window...they thought all their birthdays had come at once with all the water of course! Water everywhere so phonelines down so no internet. Back to normal now though. Anyone coming over to the UK? I'd give it a miss for the time being if I were you!
We are about to extend our house with an annex for the kids to use when they're older (long story so won't go into it here) which will be autism proof. In the short term we'll be making it available for friends with autistic kids so a) they get a more relaxing break and b) we get to see some friends from down south!

Amanda said...

PS how did you burn your hair?

Kim Stagliano said...

Walking through fire for an autism mom.... Yours sounds fried too. And that's a compliment.

Are you all OK after that water scare? My God! And it's cold where you are, isn't it? We're watching the British Open and the golfers are wearing turtlenecks and "jumpers!"

Your addition to your house sounds fantastic. A good idea. I know people who are buying homes with "long term arrangements" in mind. It's a wise thing to do. And our house in Ohio was autism proof. We had friends over all the time and we could relax - fenced yard, climable swingset, deck to overlook the playtime, large lower level with OT swing and therapy balls and other equipment. It was wonderful. Then unemployment and had to sell the house. Sigh.....

Amanda said...

Yes is bloody freezing!! Feels more like November than July. We are all OK but a special needs school further south (Birmingham direction) has been cut off since yesterday - kids and all - the motorways have been washed out, loads of people are homeless. One family got flooded out in Sheffield so went on holiday to Filey in Yorkshire to get away from it only to be flooded out again!
On the subject of water, how's your neighbour's pool?

Kim Stagliano said...

The circle of death next door? It seems to be OK - they have and use a pull up safety ladder and my girls have shown no interest. Amen.

Thanks for asking. Hoping for better weather in the UK. At least a BIT warmer!