Friday, July 06, 2007

For my Irish friend in Boston. I give you, Jaffa Cakes. They do look tasty.


Ahvarahn said...

ach, delirious, so I am. thank you, chum, for the virtual Jaffa Cakes. They are fine things - little sponge woks with a orangey bit and covered in chocolate. I think my love for them might be exaggerated because they were almost considered a luxury item to our working class home, and we didn’t get them often. They came out for important events or, when trying to impress visiting neigbours, they sat grandly beside sandwiches cut in triangles. I cannot think of an equivalent here. The Disney World of biscuits (cookies), this one. Brilliant. Have a great weekend.

mcewen said...

My hubby loves Jaffa cakes, but every time I've had them they've been very dried up disappointments. Nice piccie for my soft brain though.

MarkZ said...

When I first saw the picture, I thought "tubby toast".