Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dan Olmsted, you are a hero. Thank You.

Fellow Autism Bloggers - please run your own post thanking Dan for his series. Put his name in the headline of your piece so Google picks it up.

Dan Olmsted's Age of Autism series exposed more lies, cover ups and controversies inside the autism epidemic than I can recall. Brave doesn't begin to describe Dan, who put his career on the line when he took on the FDA, AMA, CDC, NIH and every pharmaceutical company on the planet, exposing the filth, greed and disdain that encrusts the autism epidemic.

I'll be seeing Dan in October. We're speaking at the Long Island Autism Conference. Dan, you've been warned, I am going to find you and give you a long hug. Maybe a big fat kiss. Actually, what hotel are you staying at? (Teasing people, teasing.)

Here's a preview of his last article.

By Dan Olmsted UPI Senior Editor WASHINGTON, July 18 (UPI) --

This is my 113th and final Age of Autism column. United Press International, which has been the hospitable home for this series, is restructuring, and I'm off to adventures as yet unknown -- although I intend to keep my focus on autism and related issues. Why? Because it is the story of a lifetime.

"Autism is currently, in our view, the most important and the fastest-evolving disorder in all of medical science and promises to remain so for the foreseeable future," says Dr. Jeffrey A. Lieberman, chairman of the department of psychiatry at Columbia University's school of medicine.

You can read Dan's final installment in his "Age Of Autism" series here.

The entire Age of Autism series is available at under Special Reports.


Christine said...

I'm so sad to hear that Dan won't be writing the "Age of Autism" anymore.

Kim- you are both staying at the Hyatt where the Long Island Conference is held, so I'm sure you'll bump into each other at some point. Plus, you'll have a name tag. Just check the bar afterwards- that's where all the cool people hang out :)

Thanks for the mention and the link for the conference. We are so excited to hear you speak.

Christine Heeren
Director- LIAC

Michelle O'Neil said...

Thanks Kim,

I gave it a mention on my blog.