Monday, July 16, 2007

Thanks to writer Therese Fowler for the Tag!

Therese is "living the dream" as her debut novel Souvenir is now available in the UK, with the US version to follow. This is an easy tag - all I have to do is display this nifty misty shot. Thanks Therese for pointing out that my style sometimes helps you push yourself in a new direction.

My writer pal Stephen Parrish makes me pause and reflect in his blog. Head on over. He's a generous sort of guy. And I'm not just buttering him up because he's kicking my ass in a contest we've devised.

Congratulations on your release, Therese. And thanks for the tag. And to KY who tagged me last week? I'll get to it! I promise. That one takes a little more time.


Stephen Parrish said...

Thanks, Kim. You're a peach.

Therese said...

Thank YOU, Kim.

Off now to think up some sharp analogies to use in the WIP... (Your Huffington Post article inspired me!)

Kim Stagliano said...

Well that makes me just as pleased as punch!