Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's called Cocaine..... *

For crying out loud, get this: "Researchers develop nasal spray to overcome shyness." You can read about it here. When they come up with a pill to make me never need a another pharmaceutical to solve another made up problem that requires "medical attention" let me know. Now, who's got a $20 bill?

* I am teasing with the $20 line, you realize. I do not snort cocaine. Thought I should make that clear.


Ahvarahn said...

I thought they had; it's called Fukitol.

Richard said...

Hah! That's funny.

Actually, I would be very concerned about administering oxytocin as a way of relieving social stress and anxiety. Its tendency is to increase trust and bonding among individuals. People get anxious in new or unfamiliar social settings, I suspect it is a pretty bad idea to drug people up so they are more trusting in a new social setting.

Another Autism Mom said...

Actually I've read about other universities researching oxytocin as a treatment for autism symptoms because it improves your ability to relate to others, relieves anxiety and obsessive tendencies. If they're able to develop an effective form of this drug, I hope my son can take advantage of it when he gets older.

Kim Stagliano said...

Hi, Triple A - I see your point. But I get concerned that we're creating drugs for every problem, real (like for our kids) or perceived (define shy?) and can end up overloading their bodies. And then taking more for the side effects and on and on. Drugs offer a double edged sword and are so heavily marketed now their need gets blurred. Thanks for popping in! KIM

Miffed about homogonised humans said...

Seems to me some people are not going to be happy until we all look sound and behave the same. That would be incredibly boring.

what's wrong with being shy? I don't like crowds so I don't live in a city, problem solved. It doesn't make me shy or a bad person and I'm happy.

Amanda said...

Triple A, how are you going to deal with the strife your son gets himself into with this new found confidence? Surely he still won't understand social context or boundaries, he'll just have more attitude to go with what he thinks is right? Your looking at the symptoms not the cause and this is a dangerous path to follow, in my humble opinion, as it is not curing anything. You'd do better sticking a plaster on it.