Wednesday, July 11, 2007


The fabulous Miss Gianna turns 11 today. We're having bug cake! This is the dragonfly. We'll be decorating them as a craft with her friends, 4 girls from her regular ed class!

I found this snap of Gigi and her sister yesterday and it stopped me cold. Look at the pose - so typical, 2 kids in the tub. Look at the eyes, bright and looking right at the camera. Sometimes birthdays are hard for an autism Mom. Really hard.
Ah well. We're off to eat cake for breakfast. And why not? It's Miss G's 11th Birthday!


Amanda sings for Miss G said...

Happy birthday to you! Squash tomatoes and stew, You look like a monkey and you live in a zoo!

Birthdays are HUGE in our house so we'll be celebrating for you - any excuse for cake and candles!

Kim Stagliano said...

WE DO LIVE IN A ZOO! How did you know??? ;)

Thank for you for the greetings from across the pond. Yes, cake for all and all for cake! She is eating a ladybug cake for breakfast. Then we have butterflies, bees and the dragonflies.


Drama Mama said...

1) Your girls are breathtaking.

2) That cake is gorgeous and makes
me hungry as hell.

3) Happy Birthday to Miss G and let
her carve all the bras she wants
to today! It's her day!!

Proud Mom Kim said...

Drama, you work for Playtex or something? LOL! Thank you. They were beautiful, striking toddlers. Gianna had golden curly hair cascading down her back. Mia had huge blue eyes and triple thick dark lashes and full red lips. They are good kids.

mcewen said...

Cake for breakfast! Fancy a lodger?
And yes, that eye contact is startling [with or without autism]
Happy birthday.
Best wishes

Trish Ryan said...

Happy Birthday Miss G!!!
Enjoy your awesome cake :)

Michelle O'Neil said...

Beautiful Kim.

Emily said...

Kim - Thank you for your wonderful blog and amazing work. Your writing is a bright light in my life and I am grateful.

Happy Birthday to Miss G! Her OT "project" was hilarious - we got a big howl out of it at our house. Her triumphant grin was a prizewinner.

All my best,

Kim the tired, proud Mom said...

Thank you, Emily.

Miss G does have a way of making people smile and laugh. Even me, after several swears (mostly under my breath) and cleaning up what ever she's dreamt up.

Thanks to all for the happy wishes. G ate four bug cakes I think. I stopped counting. Ah, let her eat cake.....

Manic Mom said...

Happy Birthday Miss G! Oops, it was yesterday, so I missed it, however in my family, we celebrate the birthday OCTAVE... something my mother made up---eight days prior, and eight days after, all you have to say if someone tells you to do something you don't feel like doing... IT'S MY OCTAVE! And then someone else has to do it!

Amanda said...

The birthday Octave....give that woman a nobel prize! I love it!

Kim I spotted you from the next cage over....LOL!

Jess Riley said...

Happy birthday Miss G! I love the dragonfly cake. How fun!

(your girls are beautiful!)

Ahvarahn said...

still in the octave (love it -I might use it myself, I have a Rio Carnaval in mind) so there be no use of 'belated' here: Happy birthday G. I'll have a dose of chocolate and goodies meself.


Anonymous said...

For a princess is a delicate thing,
Delicate and dainty as a dragonfly’s wing
You can recognize a lady
By her elegant air
But a genuine princess
Is exceedingly rare.

Happy Birtday to Gianna.

Anonymous said...

oops--forgot the credit:
The Princess and the Pea

Kim Stagliano said...

Oh,SGS, thank you! Lovely. Although here it's spelled "Princesses and the PEE!"

Birthdays, bittersweet, yes?



Kim Stagliano said...

Oh,SGS, thank you! Lovely. Although here it's spelled "Princesses and the PEE!"

Birthdays, bittersweet, yes?



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Miss. G.

Very cool cake, for a very cool kid. Pretty cool mom too!

Demon Hunter said...

Happy birthday, Miss G.! I am thrilled that you invited her friends from her regular ed class. It's so important for Autistic kids to be mainstreamed. They should not be made to feel different. Yay, Kim!

Laura said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Gianna!

I've been a bad blog reader and writer of late, so sorry I missed this!

Hope the party was fun!

Anonymous said...

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